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Lock Surgeon Door Break-in Repair Edmonton

Door Security Hardware and Frame Repair

Edmonton home & business break-in are disruptive Doors kicked in or crow-barred to gain entry. door repair and replacement for home doors office doors and warehouse doors.

Edmonton home and business break-ins are disruptive. Doors can be kicked in or crow-barred to gain entry. Lock Surgeon mobile door repair servicemen in Edmonton and are bring a wide variety of security hardware to your home or business to quickly repair the damage from a break and enter event. Lock Surgeon's Edmonton mobile door service will help with break-in repairs and prevention in Edmonton and area. If it's break in repair or security hardware, it's got to be Lock Surgeon's Edmonton mobile door break-in repair service.

Edmonton Mobile Door Break-in Repair Service

Break-ins can happen anytime, Lock Surgeon has the mobile locksmiths to help you when these situations arise. Lock Surgeon Edmonton door repair specialists are always on call and available to help. If its weekend or evening break-in door repair service you need Lock Surgeon's Edmonton dispatch centre will take your call and dispatch a locksmith to your home, business, warehouse, apartment or office to fix, repair and adjust damaged doors.

Every year Edmonton homes and businesses suffer break-in damage

door frame break-in repair and replacement with new door and frame.
  • The entry point is often a poorly secured door which, when attacked, will break down.
  • As shown on right: an unsecured door frame split easily during a successful break in attempt.
  • Lock Surgeon has the hardware and expertise to significantly improve the security of any entry door or frame.
  • It's time to have Lock Surgeon install security hardware that is tough enough to keep you and what you care about safe and secure.
  • Proactive or reactive, Lock Surgeon has the security hardware products to reduce your risk of suffering through a break-in event.
  • Mobile emergency break-in repair throughout Edmonton and area.

Door Break-in Repair Service

On-site repairs of home, business and office door break-ins

On-site repairs of home business and office doors.

Mobile emergency door break-in repair

Lock Surgeon's mobile door handyman repair service experts will come to your broken door and make the necessary repairs. Doors can be completely changed out and replaced with new doors or original doors and frames can be repaired and resecured. Whether it's a main front entry to your home, back entry door, garden door, patio door or garage man door, Lock Surgeon has the expertise to repair, replace, fix and secure your door.

Door Repair Hardware

Door Security Reinforcements

door saver home door edge repair product, security strike, door frame repair and security, bolt buddy man door and frame security and repair

Door Savers, Security Strikes, Bolt Buddy & Door Guardians To Help Repair Door Break-ins

Lock Surgeon's mobile repairman has a number of hardware door repair products, such as: the Door Saver that is built to cover a damaged door lock area or provide security. Security Strikes are used to reinforce the door frame in the deadbolt area and also help with door frame repairs. Bolt Buddy, one of the best choices of hardware Lock Surgeon's door service person can provide to repair or secure a home door and frame. Door Guardians are an excellent secondary lock and reinforcement product.

Commercial Door Break-in Repairs

Mobile on-site door break-in repairs

Lock Surgeon Commercial door mobile break-in repair.

Warehouse door break-in repair and replacement

Hinges break, door closers fail, panic bars are bypassed, handles are jammed, Lock Surgeon can repair all your apartment and warehouse door issues including break-in damage. Lock Surgeon's mobile service handiman can make all the repairs required or replace your steel door, panic bar, door handle and door closer as needed. Lock Surgeon can bill you directly, accepts visa, mastercard or debit on-site or can bill an established account.

Apartment and Storefront Door Break-in Repair

Mobile Emergency door service

apartment entry doors and vestibules, storefront doors.

Apartment and storefront door break-in repair

Lock Surgeon works with realestate and property managers, apartment managers, mall management teams and individual apartment owners to ensure that their doors are kept operating safe and securely. Whether it's door maintenance, door repair or break-in repair Lock Surgeon's team of door repairmen can come to your site to provide new hinges, electric strikes, paddle handles and panic bars.

Break-in Repair Security Hardware for Doors

Door security hardware and door reinforcements

door edge and frame repair and security

Door edge blocker, door edge repair & reinforcements

Door edge reinforcement products can be used to repair or secure the latch-side of any outswing glass-aluminium or steel commercial door. Have the hardware professionally installed by Lock Surgeon's mobile door repair team or stop by one of 3 conveniently located sales and service centres.

Door Barrier Bar

Locking device for back warehouse exit doors

barrier bar provides security for warehouse doors

Security for back entry break-in attempts

This barrier bar provides easy exit in emergencies.

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Door Security Window Bars

Expandable security gates in white or black

Door security window bars expandable security gates in white or black.

Window bar security for storefront doors and glass

Expandable window bar gates fold open and hide at the side of the door frame to allow easy access during business hours, when security gates are closed they provide security after business hours. These window bar gates deter break-in attempts and storefront window bars can secure your business. Custom made in a variety of sizes to match your storefront security needs.

Door Reinforcement & Strike Repair Products Presented in "Like" Groups For Easy Reference.

Door reinforcement repair services and installation provided by Lock Surgeon's mobile service.

Don-Jo Cylindrical & Deadbolt Wrap Around Plates

Wrap around plates for cylindrical door locks and deadbolts

Wrap around plates for cylindrical door locks and deadbolts

All latch embossed plates (CW) have stainless steel threaded insert so latch mounting screws securely hold. Constructed of 22 gauge material. Available for cylindrical door locks with 2-1/8" hole, deadbolts with 1-1/2" hole, Locks with extended brackets and flat front wrap-around with 2-1/8" hole. Comes in polished brass, stainless steel and antique brass.

Door wraps are used to provide additional security to doors and or make repairs where door has been attacked during a break-in event. Lock Surgeon's handy mobile door reinforcement expert can match your door handle or deadbolt requirements to the correct door wrap reinforcement for your storefront, warehouse, apartment complex, condominium entry or even residential home.

Don-Jo Combo & Blank Wrap Around & Edge Reinforcer

Combination wrap-around plates 2 Holes Blank wrap-around with trim-screws Door edge reinforcement.

Combination wrap around plates with 2 Holes, Blank wrap around with trim screws, Door edge reinforcer for deadbolts & Key-in-knob locks

Constructed of 22 gauge material. Door thickness: 1-3/4". Available for 1-1/2" top & 2-1/8" bottom with 4" centres, 1-1/2" top & 2-1/8" bottom with 6" centres, 2-1/8" holes top & bottom with 3-5/8" centres and 2-1/8" holes top & bottom with 6" centres.

Blank Wrap Around Plates With Trim Screws:

Constructed of 22 gauge material. Long and short. Available in stainless steel and polished brass.

Door Edge Reinforcer For Deadbolts & Key-In-Knob Locks:

Constructed of 22 gauge material. Available in stainless steel and polished brass.

Double-hole door wraps are used to reinforce or repair door damage by providing additional security to both the handle and deadbolt at the same time. Blank sets are available for custom backsets or custom sized holes. Door edge reinforcement can be used to avoid backset and hole size issues. Lock Surgeon's mobile door reinforcement crew will match the right door wrap product to your needs whether for repairs or additional security.

Don-Jo Specialty Wrap Around

Don-Jo specialty wrap-around door protection.

Mortise lock wrap around plate for 86 cut-out

for use with heavy duty grade 1 & 2 key-in-lever, for KABA/Simplex 1000, for conversion of Simplex 1000 series & alarm lock DL2500, 2700/T2 & 3000 series 8" x 1-1/4" recess. Drill spindle and thumb turn holes in field. Rectangle size: 1-5/8" x 7-5/16". Constructed of 22 gauge material. Door thickness: 1-3/4". Available in stainless steel.

For Use With Heavy Duty Grade 1 & 2 Key-In-Lever:

Works with Schlage Rhodes, Arrow Sierra, Yale Augusta, Corbin Russwin 3300 & 3600, Falcon T & B series, LSDA & other Grade 1 & 2 lever sets. Constructed of 22 gauge material. Door thickness: 1-3/4". Available in stainless steel.

For Kaba/Simplex 1000:

Works with Simplex 1000 lock. Constructed of 11 gauge material. Door thickness: 1-3/4". Available in stainless steel.

For Conversion of Simplex 1000 Series & Alarm Lock DL2500, 2700/T2 & 3000 Series:

For conversion of Simplex 1000 series, Alarm Lock DL2500, 2700/T2 & 3000 series to key-in-knob lock. Constructed of 22 gauge material. Door thickness: 1-3/4". Available in stainless steel.

These unique and custom shaped door wraps provide additional security or repair for lock-sets such as the simplex unican digital entry or mortise cassettes.

Don-Jo Inswing, Narrow Stile & Universal Latch Guards

Inswing latch guard narrow stile latch guard for aluminium entrance door latche & electric strikes

Inswing latch guard, narrow stile latch guards for aluminium entrance door latches & electric strikes

Plates mounted on frame & door interlock to prevent prying. 6" version for use with key-in-knob and deadbolt locks. 12" version for use with Mortise Locks, Simplex 1000 series, Alarm Lock DL-2500, DL-2700 & 3000, Card access systems etc. Constructed of 14 gauge steel. Available in brass plated or silver coated.

Narrow Stile Latch Guards For Aluminum Entrance Door Latches & Electric Strikes:

LP307 for Aluminum Entrance Doors: fits over cylinder. Lock removal not required. Hand carriage bolt and rivet supplied. No specific tools required. 3/8" offset. Constructed of 12 gauge material.

GLP307 for Aluminum Entrance Doors - Solves Pull Handle Interference: solves pull handle interference handed. Centre of cylinder hole is 2-1/2" from end of plate.

NELP207: Works with Adams Rite locks. Protects electric strikes from attacks. Cylinder collar protects from wrenching. Protects from crowbar attacks.

ELP208/ELP208P For Use With Electric Strike: Designed to fit most electric strikes. Completely encases the keeper for maximum protection. Use with mortise, keyless locks & exit devices. Constructed of 12 gauge steel.

LELP208: Fits up to 3-3/4" rose.

Don-Jo Outswing Latch Guards

Don-Jo Outswing latch guards door protection.

Outswing latch guards

LP111/LP211 Completely covers the strike plate. Furnished with carriage bolts, washers & acorn cap nuts for safety & strength. Fits 2-3/4" and 2-3/8" backsets. Constructed of 12 gauge material. Material: LP111 - stainless steel, LP211 - steel.

MLP211: Furnished with carriage bolts, washers & acorn cap nuts for safety and strength. Constructed of 12 gauge steel.

PLP111: Solid steel pin prevents spreading of door from frame. Pin is welded on back leaving no visible point of attack from outside. Constructed of 12 gauge stainless steel.

LP107/LP207: Furnished with carriage bolts, washers & acorn cap nuts for safety and strength. Constructed of 12 gauge. Material: LP107 - stainless steel, LP2017 - steel.

CLP110: Commercial type. Architectural design. 10" for mortise locks. Concealed welded studs with fasteners. Constructed of 12 gauge stainless steel.

NLP206: Narrow commercial type. 6" for key-in-knobs. 10" for mortise locks. Constructed of 12 gauge steel.

A variety of latch guards are available to provide door latch security in a number of situations for commercial doors, warehouse doors, apartment doors and storefront doors. There are also some latch guards that will accommodate electric strikes.

Don-Jo Outswing & Electric Strike Latch Guards

Don-Jo Outswing latch guards, universal latch guard and slipper latch protector

Outswing latch guards, universal latch guard & slipper latch protector

Short Outswing Latch Guards: Furnished with carriage bolts, washers & acorn cap nuts for safety & strength. Works with up to 3-3/4" rose. Constructed of 12 gauge steel. 3/8" offset. Available in brass plated or silver coated.

Angle Outswing Latch Guards: 6" for key-in-knobs. 10" for mortise locks. Constructed of 10 gauge steel. 1-1/2" sheet metal screws for wood or metal. Available in silver coated.

Adams Rite Latch Lock: Reversible. 3/8" offset, 1-7/16" hole, 1-1/8" backset. Constructed of 12 gauge steel. Available in silver coated.

Folger Adam Electric Strike: Works with Folger Adams 310 & 710 electric strike models. Constructed of 12 gauge stainless steel. Available in stainless steel.

Universal Latch Guard:

For outswing doors with 1" x 8-3/4" cutout. For all backsets, single locks, double locks up to 6" on centre & mortise locks. Protects latch or bolt and conceals lip of existing strike. Available in satin chrome, brass plated, duro coated or silver coated.

slipper Latch Protector:

Sleek design allows for easy install. Mounts under the lockset. Works with most grade 1 & 2 levers and knobs. Prepped for most commercial locks. Available in stainless steel.

Outswing latch guard is made to protect latches on doors such as laundry rooms, apartments, commercial glass-aluminium doors. The universal latch guard is stocked on all Lock Surgeon's mobile service trucks to allow for quick fix by our door reinforcement repair personnel.

Don-Jo Filler & Conversion Plates, Electric Strike Filler Plates & Scar Plates

Filler and conversion plates, electric strike filler plates and scar plates.

Filler & conversion plates, electric strike filler plates & scar plates

Available plates for: "T" Strike with 160 cutout, ANSI strike cutout, 161 strike cutout, 86 morise cutout, mortise to 161 KIK cutout, door hinge cutout, .060 hinge shim and .090 hinge shims.

Electric Strike Filler Plates:

Fits selected Folger Adams, Von Duprin and Rofu strikes. Constructed of 13 gauge steel.

Scar Plates:

Used to convert 2-3/8" to 2-3/4" backset.
DSP135: Fits under deadbolt collar.
SP135: Fits uner rose of key-in-knob or deadbolt locks.

Door filler and scar plates are used when changing the function of a door or hardware item.

Don-Jo Hole Filler Plates, Remodel Kit, Door Pull & Hinge Pins

Hole filler plates, remodel plates kit, door pulls hinge pins

Hole filler plates, remodel plates & kit, door pulls & hinge pins

BF135: Covers up to 3-3/4" hole. Finish - Prime Coat.

BF161: Covers up to 2-1/8" hole. Finish - Brass Plated, Prime Coat or Silver plated.

BF178: Covers up to 1-1/2" hole. Finish - Prime Coat

PDF161: Covers up to 2-1/8" hole under rim panic device. Finish - Prime Coat.

CP258:2-5/8" cylinder plate has indents at 3 & 9 o'clock to prevent collar from shifting on wood or metal. Can be used with rim or mortise cylinders. Finish - Brass Plated and Silver Coated.

Remodel Plates & Kit:

RP13509: Escutcheon for remodelling from mortise lock to key-in-knob.

RPK109: Kit version includes 2 of RP13509 plates with 1 of CV86 mortise to key-in-knob filter adapter plate.

Door Pull:

Door pull with a 2-1/8" hole. Finish - stainless steel.

Hinge Pins:

Used for preventing the removal of doors by pulling the hinge pins. 2 per package.

Filler plates and remodel kits are used to fill deadbolt or handle holes that are no longer required or cover damaged areas.

Don-Jo Lip Strikes, Long Strikes, Push/Pull Plate & Kick Plates.

2-3/4 inch extended lip strikes, long strikes and push/pull plate and kick plates

2-3/4" extended lip strikes, long strikes & push/pull plate & kick plates

For use where strike holes are inset into the jamb. Constructed of 13 gauge material. Brass plated.

Long Strikes:

Designed to work with key-in-knobs or deadbolts. Constructed of 13 gauge steel. Single hole to work with key-in-knob or deadbolt. Double Hole to accommodate 3-5/8" & 4" centres. Double hole to accommodate 5-1/2" & 6" centres.

Push/Pull Plate & Kick Plates:

1866: Constructed of 11 gauge stainless steel. Projection 1-1/4". ANSI A156.6 J303.

KP: Kick plate packaging includes an outer corrugation that protects the kick plate and allows it to be hung for display or stacked. Finish - stainless steel.

Lip strikes can be used where door jambs are wider than standard. Long strikes are typically used to reinforce the door frame edge and repair deadbolt strike area from damage that may have incurred by break-in attempts or preventatively to stop break-in attempts from occurring. Kick plates are added to the bottom of the door to reduce the wear in the foot traffic area.

Don-Jo Deadbolt Security Strike, T-Strike & Door Hardware

Deadbolt security strikes, T-Strike door hardware

Deadbolt security strikes, T-Strike & door hardware

Supplied with 3" screws to penetrate frame studs for additional strike strength. Constructed of 13 gauge steel. Finshed in: silver coated, brass plated or silver plated.

"T" Strike:

Constructed of 18 gauge material. Finished in stainless steel.

Door Hardware:

1550/1551: Aluminum Door Flush Bolt Radius end. 1550 - 1/8" offset, 1551 - 1/4" offset.

1555: Metal Flush bolt UL rated, 3/4" bolt throw, 3/4" rod backset, 12" rod length, 1-1/2" adjustable bolt head. Fits ANSI door & frame prep. Metal doors faceplate: 1" x 6-3/4", strike: 15/16" x 2-1/4", guide: 1" x 2".

1557: Wood Flush Bolt UL Rated, 3/4" bolt throw, 3/4" backset. Wood door faceplate: 1" x 6-3/4", strike: 15/16" x 2-14". door strength maintained by corner reinforcement plate.

1603: Door Flip Guard Ball bearing design secures flip guard to lock door from interior for additional security.

2080: Gravity Door Coordinator UL rated. Drop arm type gravity door coordinator. Adjustable. Field reversible.

HDCC2512: Heavy Duty Crash Chain Heavy duty steel chain prevents door from opening wide when caught by high winds.

Finishes include: Duro, Silver Coated, Duranodic, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Chrome, Polished Brass and Gray.

Reinforce deadbolt security strikes beef up the frame area that secures the deadbolt. Flip-up bolts are used to secure stationary doors in steel, glass-aluminium or wood doors.

Patio Lock, Knob Shroud & Cross Bore Relocation Drill Guide

Octopod patio door lock, kee blok lockout shroud cross bore relocation drill guide

Octopod patio door lock, kee blok lockout shroud & cross bore relocation drill guide

Ideal for sliding patio doors, sliding windows, swinging doors, double doors, french doors & other applications. Can be used on narrow stile doors and frames with a width of only 1-5/8". Lock housing accepts standard 1-1/8" mortise cylinder (not included) allowing it to be keyed to other locks in a system. Mounts at top or bottom of door. Equipped with a 3/8" diameter x 9" long locking bolt with a 2-3/8" throw standard. Other models available by special order for Assa & Medeco cylinders and finishes other than the standard. aluminum finish.

Kee Blok Lockout Shroud:

Blocks all existing keys to knob locks or padlocks in seconds. Fits 90% of knob locks as well as many popular models of padlocks. Compact unit is constructed of high strength aluminum alloy. A model is also made for lever handles and is available by special order.

Cross Bore Relocation Drill Guide:

Easy way to correct a mis-drilled cross bore or to relocate a backset from 2-3/8" to 2-3/4" or vice versa. Remove existing lock and install the HIT-23 in the latch hole. Re-drill using a hole saw with the drill blank installed. For both 1" and 1-1/8" face plates with a 1" diameter latch hole. Solid steel construction.

Octopod patio door lock can also be used as a secondary locking device for sliding doors, garage doors, gates and double-door systems. Kee blok lockout shroud is used to block key use, often in rental situations.

Bolt Buddy Door Reinforcement Products

The Bolt Buddy door and jam strikers

The Bolt Buddy door & jam strikers

BOLT BUDDY: and related accessories strengthen an protect the weakness of the door jamb, door, deadbolt and hinges. these products are revolutionary on the market and prevent the burglar from gaining easy access to your home or business by prying the door.

The two steel bracket system is bolted from the inside to the outside of the door jamb. This system acts like a vise equalizing the stress of an attack over the entire door and door frame, helping to prevent the splitting of doors and door jambs. The sturdy BOLT BUDDY has SECURITY inscribed on the outside plates which also act as a visual deterrent.

Available in many different colors to match existing hardware. Many accessories available. All products PATENTED. Highly recommended by security professionals.

Door & Jamb Strikers:

Door Striker: Used to reinforce drive-in style deadbolts by supporting the outer edge of the bolt collar and can be used to allow existing older style bolts with an outer flange to be replaced by drive-in bolts. Helps repair and align previously damaged bolt tunnels in kicked-in doors in home and businesses. Helps to distribute force to the BOLT BUDDY and the door frame.

Jamb Striker:

Used to replace new or existing strikers for added reinforcement. Many existing door frames have had their original strikers moved a number of times because of misalignment with the existing bolt. Over time this usually leaves a number of chisel marks on the frame. The installation of the STRIKER will help cover these marks and will match your BOLT BUDDY in colour and length. High security screws are also included that match the bolts of the BOLT BUDDY. The plates are designed to allow for bolts from the BOLT BUDDY to pass the screws of the strike without interference. The STRIKER helps to distribute force to the BOLT BUDDY and wall framing. Many frames can be salvaged after a break-in by using glue, a BOLT BUDDY and a STRIKER.

Both Door & Jamb Strikers:

Both door and jamb strikers also help to keep doors and jambs square and distribute pressure from prying or jacking to the framing members. The screw holes in the plate are not countersunk (which leaves a knife edge that will allow the screw heads to tear out of the holes) but are "stretched" to supply a greater surface area of plate against the screw head. The extended holes also allow for a better grip on the surface of both the door and jamb. High security 1/4" diameter screws are supplied in each set to match the colour and style of your BOLT BUDDY.

Bolt Buddy Door Reinforcement Products

Jimmy Plates, door viewers and hinge screws

Jimmy Plates, door viewers & hinge screws

The Jimmy Plate is designed to work in conjunction with the BOLT BUDDY.

Many commercial doors have hollow steel frames. Unfortunately, when the frames are hollow this allows for a crowbar or screw driver to crush the frame away from the extended deadbolt.

Designed to work in conjunction with the BOLT BUDDY our Jimmy Plate is easily placed underneath the interior or exterior BOLT BUDDY door plate.

A corresponding slot is cut (grinding wheel, sawsall, etc.) into the door frame that will accept the flange of the Jimmy Plate. With the door in a closed position the frame and the door will be interconnected thus helping to prevent the frame from being crushed and pulled away from the extended deadbolt.

Door Viewer:

The Door Viewer is solid brass construction and has an interior lens shutter. It has 180º glass optic lens.

Body Features: Solid brass construction. No plastic to crack or break. Lens shutter prevents dust, etc. from collecting on the lens and allows for a finished look to the most expensive doors. Glass optic lens helps prevent "fogging" and allows more light for night viewing.

Installation Features: Extra wide flanges help with ease of installation for D.I.Y. installers. Coverage for "oval or "splintered" holes. Fits doors from 1-1/2" to 2-1/4" thick for standard and custom doors. Flexible hole size 7/8" (preferred) to 1" hole size.

security Features: Lens shutter prevents viewing from exterior to interior and prevents interior light from shinning through viewer (not so obvious for visitors to tell when your looking out). Allows for a "finished" look to the most expensive doors. 180º Ultra wide view for maximum view from top, bottom and side of door. Helps prevent "surprise" visitors. Large lens allows for less distortion of view and allows more light for easier night viewing.

Hinge Screw:

The Hinge Screw is used to prevent closed doors from being removed from their hinges when the hinge pins are removed. A screw is removed from the door side of the hinge and the corresponding screw from the jamb side. The jamb side or door side (whichever is most convenient) then receives the Hinge Screw. When the door is closed the protruding head of the screw enters the corresponding screw hole on the other hinge plate thus not allowing the hinges to pass one another when the hinge pins are removed. For use in steel or concrete frames use an appropriate sized expandable plug.

Adjustable to various penetrating depths into the door. The reason for this is to allow the screw to penetrate to a maximum depth into the door and frame so that it may be protected by the BOLT BUDDY on the frame and door.

Bolt Buddy Door Reinforcement Products continued

High security chain assembly

High security chain assembly

The high security chain assembly plates are mounted "under" the BOLT BUDDY plates on the inside, this makes it the strongest security chain on the market. No screws to pop out when the door is forced. Chain made of sturdy gauge steel. Excellent security against home invasions. Available in many different colours. Helps to reinforce double doors or as a night bolt. The high security chain is excellent for small children that like to answer the door.

Door Reinforcements - 1 min

Secure Against Break-ins With These Door Reinforcement Options.

Lock Surgeon carries a number of excellent reinforcements for doors. It doesn't always matter if you have great hardware if you don't reinforce the door, door slab or door frame. This wrap-around by Don-Jo is designed to go in around a door handle, while this Don-Jo unit is made to go on the edge of the door so you don't have to deal with the handle hole. These units are not just to deter break-in attempts but also to repair where damage has already occurred. Typically We want to install these prior to any damage, we'd much rather reinforce your door than have to repair it to prevent the trauma of a break-in but either one can be done. Lock Surgeon's Locksmiths can use these longer strikes, you can see that they are much longer than the regular strikes and these will have additional screws that are longer will sink into the framing behind the door frame and pull everything together.

Bolt Buddy has been the solution that is tried, tested and true For door reinforcement and repair. For over 25 years Lock Surgeon has been installing these units, a great system for door reinforcement. The metal plate on both sides of the door will reinforce the door edge by having two shafts connecting them together through the door. These are drilled through and bolted. The frame itself also receives the some plates. Someone trying to kick in your door or pull that deadbolt out of the door slab itself and or break the frame apart won't be able to because it's reinforced by that metal plate. It's a superior system and Lock Surgeon's locksmiths are well versed in putting them on.

Lock Surgeon's locksmith sales and service centres also carry old school chain locks or bar locks that you would have typically seen in hotel rooms that work well to keep people out. Better than chain locks or bar locks is a product called a Door Guardian. These units, unlike the chain or bar, are attached to the frame of the door giving it a shear-point that is stronger than the other two as those are just drilled into the door and face of the door slab. The Door Guardian is secured to frame so very difficult to get in. This system makes a great secondary locking system. Quick and easy to use you can lock down the house at night, you can lock out a key holder or you can keep kids or somebody with dementia from walking out without knowing.

The last two great products that I'm going to show you can be used to lock up doors or patio doors. The first is a patio door pin, it's keyed so we can lock that pin into a floor or bracket or ceiling to stop it from swinging or sliding, very quick and easy to install. The second is a patio door/door knob security item that just wedges under a door knob, something you can put just in and out yourself very quickly it also works in the patio door sliding glass section to prevent the door from being slid open from the outside.

Door Security Hardware - 2 min

Warehouse Security Door Reinforcements

At the back of Lock Surgeon we have a typical commercial warehouse door, handle and deadbolt, the handle isn't keyed up and we are using a Mul-T-Lock deadbolt. On the door itself we have whats called an interlock, this is two pieces of steel, one thats mounted on the door edge, it's an L shape and the other part is mounted on the door slab. These work together by wrapping around each other to create a secure area to prevent a crowbar from prying.

On the door we have a closer that is going to function nicely, it closes slowly and has a latch speed that is really good. The unit has an adjustable latch speed and adjustable closer speed, also if the wind catches it and pulls it open it has whats called back-check so the wind won't rip it off. At the front door of our building we have the interlock on here, we've got D-handles on here so Door Surgeon's Locksmiths can install both of those for you, the glass aluminium doors themselves our locksmiths can replace those as well as the glass in the aluminium doors.

Lock Surgeon provide mobile fast service for door break-in, door hinge or door security repairs.


Paul, seen here standing in front of a Lock Surgeon service vehicle has worked for Lock Surgeon for over a decade. Paul is a journeyman locksmith. His years of experience in a variety of jobs relating to door break-in repair and door hardware replacement and repair give him a solid foundation of experience to apply to all of his jobs. Paul works with a team of other door break-in repair and lock repair service staff and works under the supervision of a management support team. Lock Surgeon is proud to have Paul work with us and is excited about Paul's continued growth in the Locksmith service industry.

Mobile Door Break in Repair, Door Security Hardware and Frame Repair Service: provided to Edmonton and area.

Northeast Edmonton, Northwest Edmonton, Southeast Edmonton, Southwest Edmonton, Millwoods, Terwillegar, Jasper Place, Claireview, Bonnie Doon, Strathcona, Glastonbury, Eaux Claires, Balwin, Pembina, Beverly, Ottwell, Pleasantview, Summerside, Windermere and others.

Also providing mobile door break-in service to surrounding Edmonton:

Sturgeon County, Strathcona County, Leduc County, Parkland County

Lock Surgeon Door Break-in Repair, Door Security Hardware and Frame Repair Edmonton Service Centre Shops

Edmonton Door Break-in Repair, Door Security Hardware and Frame Repair Store Location: 17812 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5S2W3

Store Location Directions:

We are located North of the Whitemud Freeway, south of the Yellowhead Freeway, west of 149th Street, east of the Anthony Henday, on the northwest corner of 118 ave. and 178 st. @ 17812 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB, T5S2W3 We are easy to find by driving on 118 ave. as our building is on the north side of 118 ave. and has a giant padlock on the roof.

17812 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5S2W3

Edmonton main Lock Surgeon location photo at 17812-118 ave NW.

17812 118 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5S2W3

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