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Truck Chip Keys, Transponders, FOBs & Remotes Edmonton

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Mobile Truck Chip Keys, Transponders, FOBs &
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Lock Surgeon Truck Chip Keys, Transponders, FOBs,
& Remotes Edmonton Service Centre Shops

Northwest Edmonton Truck Chip Keys, Transponders, FOBs & Remotes Store Location:
17812 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5S2W3

Store Location Directions:
We are located North of the Whitemud Freeway, south of the Yellowhead Freeway, west of
149th Street, east of the Anthony Henday, on the northwest corner of 118 ave. and 178 st.
@ 17812 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB, T5S2W3 We are easy to find by driving on 118 ave. as
our building is on the north side of 118 ave. and has a giant padlock on the roof.

17812 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5S2W3

Lock Surgeon Truck Chip Keys, Transponders, FOBs, & Remotes Edmonton Service Centre Shop.

17812 118 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5S2W3

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Truck, SUV or Van Chip Keys & Car Remotes in Edmonton

Truck, SUV or Van Chip Keys & Car Remotes sold, cut and programmed by Lock Surgeon Edmonton

To prevent truck theft the invention of security chip keys entered the market. These truck keys have added a level of protection and cost for new truck keys. The first question we always get is how much for a truck key. The good news is we stock a large variety so in most cases it can be completed the same visit. Bad news is there is a large price range. Basic truck chip key cost about $149 each. In most cases this includes the programming if it is on board or a clone key. Some Automotive programming requires expensive diagnostic equipment. In this case there will be an extra fee for programing the key to the truck. Please ask the locksmith.

As the years went on these chip keys started having the remote functions lock, unlock, start and panic buttons added to them. Some still kept the bladed key, others got high security key blades called sidewinder or laser cut key.

While others had the key blade removed and hidden in the back side for emergency truck access only. They have taken on the name proximity key, proximity remote and proximity fob. All of them have a chip inside the uses a rolling code that talks to the vehicle.. The chip and remote functions most often need to be programmed to your truck using expensive diagnostic equipment. The cost of these keys varies from $150 and up to $690.

Lock Surgeon is committed to providing you with the highest level of service. Since 1989, Lock Surgeon has been a leader in the Alberta locksmith industry. Providing mobile locksmiths, making keys to your vehicle or you can come into one of our 3 locksmith shops and have a chip key added to your vehicle. We even offer ignition repair or new automotive ignitions and door locks. Our shops are stocked with a full line of chip keys, remotes and transponder keys for your vehicle. We also stock proximity keys and keyless entry fobs. Need keys to your tractor, boat or semi truck? We do that too. Our fully trained locksmiths are happy to help you day or night.

Truck Transponders key and remotes

chipped keys, key FOBs, key remotes, key remote heads, programmed chip keys, chip key programming

Lock Surgeon Edmonton locksmith shop can help with truck key replacement and remote replacement. At lock Surgeon we have Automotive locksmith with full selection of truck transponder key and also remotes. These truck security keys are getting more and more complicated and so is the truck key programming. While we stock most Automotive chip keys, proximity keys and remotes, plus the truck transponder chips to go with. There is the odd one we don't stock. Good news is if we don't have it, we can normally have it to us from factory in 2 days.

Types of truck transponder keys

Chip keys, FOBs, remote keys, remote-heads cut and programmed.

Some of these transponder keys have chips inside the key that communicates with the car, giving it access to start.

Transponder chip key with cover removed showing the chip-transponder inside.

Others transponder keys have a remote and chip built into one key. Like this

Remote-head key proximity-remote keys cut and programmed by Lock Surgeon Edmonton.

Some people call these truck key fob, truck key with buttons, proximity truck key, truck key with remote buttons, you get the idea. If your buttons are stating to not work or the case is cracked or broken then its time to get a new one before it's too late. Having no key can be a major inconvenience and the cost to make keys to truck can cost between $400 and $2000. Ouch right!! Come down to one of our conventent locksmith shops Edmonton and we will do our best to provide a cost effective solution for your car.

Truck remotes

Some truck came from the factory with remotes to lock and unlock the doors, others could also start the truck. Lock Surgeon has factory remotes for trucks. We do not have aftermarket remotes for truck alarms and truck starters. You will need to see an alarm or stereo shop for those.

Has your truck key broken or is your truck key lost?

No, maybe the battery is just dead? Either way we can help. As Automotive locksmiths it's our job to be superheroes and help you out in a time of need. Our trained locksmith will not only find you the correct chip key, remote, fob or transponder key but the locksmith will also program the chip key to your truck. If your key has a remote also built in to it then the locksmith will also program the remote to the truck. If your key fob, proximity key or truck key with remote buttons are not working it might just be the battery. Bring your broken key in to us and have a locksmith open up the case and replace the battery.

Sidewinder and laser cut car Keys

A key that moves sliders is known as a sidewinder truck key or laser cut key. These keys are easily recognizable for the snake-like path that is cut into the sides of the blade. In almost all cases, this pattern will appear on both sides of the key so that it can be inserted into the truck lock two different ways.

Similar to wafer locks, these paths are used to elevate or depress the internal components of the lock. The sliders in the lock ride along the path that is cut into the truck key, and when the sidewinder key is fully inserted, all of the sliders should be at their appropriate height. Unlike the sheer lines in a truck wafer lock, the slider truck lock will have different gates.

Each slider needs to be fitted into a gate so that they will be out of the way and allow the lock can turn freely. This means that the deepest gate will always be the true gate. For security, multiple unnecessary gates are added to the truck lock. These are known as false gates and do not provide the adequate depth to have the slider leave the lock unobstructed.

If there are no false gates in the lock, these devices will be incredibly easy to pick or rake open. This should not be a concern to most truck owners because very few criminals pick locks, and an even fewer number of car thieves pick truck locks. In addition to this, most laser keys act only as a backup. They are the key of choice for most smart key systems, and will not start the truck without the fob present. Often these sidewinder keys will be hidden within the truck fob, and slide out when a button on the fob is depressed. Once this button is pressed, the laser key can be pulled free. Remember to put this key back in the slot until it clicks and locks into place. If your truck key replacement requires a laser key to be cut, this is no issue. All it requires is a laser key cutter. Lock Surgeon can cut that truck key, and get you back to feeling safe knowing that you will always have access to your truck.

Oh Yeah, almost forgot!! I bet you want to know what brands of truck we have transponder keys, remotes and prox key fobs for. Please see a full list below. If you do not see your truck make then please contact us because we should have it.

Key FOB remote for Acura SUV Key FOB remote for Buick SUV Key FOB remote for Cadillac SUV

Left to right: Acura Key FOB Remote, Buick key FOB remote & Cadillac Key FOB remote.

Key FOB remote for Chevrolet Truck Key FOB remote for Chrysler SUV or Van Key FOB remote for Dodge Truck or Van

Left to right: Chevrolet Key FOB Remote, Chrysler key FOB remote & Dodge Key FOB remote.

Key FOB remote for Ford Truck or Van Key FOB remote for GMC Truck or SUV Key FOB remote for Honda Truck or SUV

Left to right: Ford Key FOB Remote, GMC key FOB remote & Honda Key FOB remote.

Key FOB remote for Hyundai SUV Key FOB remote for Infinity SUV Key FOB remote for Jeep SUV

Left to right: Hyunday Key FOB Remote, Infinity key FOB remote & Jeep Key FOB remote.

Key FOB remote for Kia SUV or Van Key FOB remote for Lexus SUV Key FOB remote for Lincoln SUV

Left to right: Kia Key FOB Remote, Lexus key FOB remote & Lincoln Key FOB remote.

Key FOB remote for Mazda SUV Key FOB remote for Mitsubishi SUV Key FOB remote for Nissan SUV or Van

Left to right: Mazda Key FOB Remote, Mitsubishi key FOB remote & Nissan Key FOB remote.

Key FOB remote for Pontiac SUV Key FOB remote for Ram trucks Key FOB remote for Subaru SUV

Left to right: Pontiac Key FOB Remote, RAM key FOB remote & Subaru Key FOB remote.

Key FOB remote for Toyota SUV or Van

Toyota Key FOB Remote

For the best in car and truck key replacement call lock surgeon

We also have a wide variety of batteries for Key FOBs, Transponder Keys, Proximity FOBs and Remotes.

car remote batteries for Kia


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