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Lock Surgeon Safes For Fire & Burglar Protection Calgary

Safes, bring us your safe concerns it's our job to find the safe products to suit your needs, fire safes, burglary resistan safes and cash management safes are all on display at our Sales and service centres in Calgary. Safe opening, safe repairing and safe maintenance are all completed by our mobile safe service and repairmen.

Safe sales service and installation

Fire and Burglary safes can create a secure area for protection of personal belongings, jewlery and documents. Lock Surgeon's Calgary Sales and service departments have a variety of safes on display that can meet your fire safe, burglary safe and cash-management needs.

Choose from a variety of safe sizes and safe types, some of which include: heavy duty composite safe construction and media storage safes for commercial use, as well there is a variety of safe shapes and safe sizes for average consumer use. You'll never wish you had less space so it's a good idea to choose a fire or burglary safe that is large enough to expand into. The Lock Surgeon team of safe opening specialists and safe installation experts can provide the expertise you are looking for when making a new safe purchase.

LS/SB Commercial Secure Series Fire & Burglary Safes

A variety of safe sizes are available to meet your fire and burglary security needs. These safes are excellent for document storage, jewlery storage and cash management. Lock Surgeon can direclty deliver safes to your home or business.

Fire & Burglary Safes in Calgary

The LS/SB Series of Safe offers you 2 Hours of Fire Protection along with Superior Burglary Protection. These safes are capable of protecting your valuables against burglary or fire in home or office. The door and body are beefed-up with oversized hinges; we have added an additional glass re-locker along with our standard hard-plate to protect the locking device. These safes allow you to leave your valuables knowing they are in a secure fire and burglary resistant container.

LS/SB Fire and Burglary Safes Feature the following:

Product # Width Height Depth Weight Shelf
LS/SB-01 Ext 17-3/4" 17-3/4" 20-1/2" 165 lbs 1
Int 12" 12" 12-1/2"
LS/SB-02 Ext 20" 27" 20-1/2" 311 lbs 2
Int 14" 21-1/4" 12-1/2"
LS/SB-03 Ext 20" 33-1/4" 22-3/4" 434 lbs 2
Int 14" 27" 15"
LS/SB-04 Ext 28" 33-1/4" 29" 622 lbs 2
Int 22-1/4" 27" 21"
LS/SB-05 Ext 28" 41-1/2" 29" 789 lbs 2
Int 22-1/4" 35-5/16" 21"
LS/SB-06 Ext 28" 59-1/4" 29" 955 lbs 3
Int 22-1/4" 53" 21"

The Lock Surgeon Sales and Service Centre in Calgary stocks a variety of safe sizes. These safes can be delivered to your home or business. Lock Surgeon will also mount the safe in place.

CLSB Series High Security Safes

Heavy Duty Composite Burglary Safes - Rated TL15

High security, heavy duty safes rated at TL15. These safes are significantly heavier than a standard safe with additional hard plate and heavy duty concrete aggregate mixture. Enquire at Lock Surgeon's Calgary or Edmonton Service Centres for information about safe delivery or safe installations.

Heavy Duty Fire & Burglary Safes in Calgary

The CLSB Series of safes offers you everything you need in Security against Theft and Fire. This unit is identical to the SB Series however in addition to it’s high security features it also uses a high PSI (pounds per square inch) composite and aggregate mixture. These units can be classified as “CLASS 2” security vaults, or TL15 equivalents.


Product # Width Height Depth Weight Shelf
LS/CLSB-01 Ext 17-3/4" 17-3/4" 20-1/2" 410 lbs 1
Int 11-3/8" 11-3/8" 12-1/2"
LS/CLSB-02 Ext 20" 27" 20-1/2" 615 lbs 2
Int 13-3/4" 20-1/2" 12-1/2"
LS/CLSB-03 Ext 20" 33-1/4" 22-3/4" 780 lbs 2
Int 13-3/4" 27" 14-7/8"
LS/CLSB-04 Ext 28" 33-1/4" 29-1/4" 1000 lbs 2
Int 21-5/8" 27" 21"

Home or Office Fire & Burglary Safes

Visit our Sales and service centre to select the home or business safe that will best match your needs. Push-button entry safe entry features allow for easy access. The Lock Surgeon team can deliver and mount these safes in place.

Home or Office safe solutions Calgary

Fire Resistant office and home safes are made of a durable gauge steel. These units are tested at 1700°F (927°C) for 1 Hour with an internal temperature not exceeding 350°F (177°C) which is the point that paper contents will start to char. Our safe hinges are sturdy and have additional hinge side dead-bolts to prevent the door from being pryed open.

Home and Business Safes Feature:

Product # Width Height Depth Weight Tray / Shelf
LS/EM-015 Ext 15-3/8" 11-5/8" 12-5/8" 52 lbs 1 / 0
Int 12-3/16" 8-1/2" 8-1/2"
LS/EM-016 Ext 11-5/8" 15-3/8" 12-5/8" 52 lbs 1 / 0
Int 8-1/2" 12-1/5" 8-1/2"
LS/ES-031 Ext 16-1/4" 21" 15-1/4" 121 lbs 1 / 1
Int 13" 17" 10-7/8"

Lock Surgeon's Calgary safe and service centre provides a variety of home and business safes in decorator colours and in a safe sized to match common needs.

NPS Series Safes for Home or Business

Modern Fire Resistant Home & Office Safes

Fire Safes in Calgary

Modern and stylish Fire-resistant safes, perfect for home and/or business use that offer superior fire protection for your valuables and important documents.


Product # Width Height Depth Weight Tray / Shelf
LS/NPS-031DW Ext 16-1/7" 20-1/2" 17-1/2" 132 lbs 1 / 1
Int 12" 16-1/3" 12-3/5"

Front Load Mailbox Style Depository Safes

Safes secure daily depository safes, single door or double door. The double door allows staff to have access to one area while management keeps control of all deposits. Can have a standard dial safe combination or upgrade to the convenient push-button safe combination. Ask about Lock Surgeon's delivery and installation options.

Depository Safes in Calgary

The ideal safe when immediate deposits and secure storage of cash or other valuables are needed.

Depository Safe Features:

Product # Width Height Depth Weight Doors Types
Exterior 13-2/5" 18-8/9" 15" 112 lbs 1 Combination /
Interior 13" 9-5/7" 12"
Exterior 15-3/4" 32-1/4" 15-3/4" 189 lbs 2 Combination /
Interior 15-3/4" 11-1/5" 13-1/2"
Front Loading 13" 7-3/4"

A variety of mailbox style depository safe sizes are on display at our Calgary Safe Sales and Service Centre.

Rotary Top-Hopper Deposit Safe

Top-load cash management safes with single or double door, standard combination entry or digital combination entry.

Cash management depository safes Calgary

The rotary Top-Hopper depository safe is the ideal safe when immediate deposits and secure storage of cash or other valuables are needed.

Top-Load Safe Features

Product # Width Height Depth Weight
Exterior 10-1/2" 21-1/2" 14-1/2" 136 lbs
Interior 10-1/6" 16-2/3" 12-1/5"
Top Loading 9-3/4" 5"
Exterior 13-1/4" 35-1/4" 14-1/2" 235 lbs
Interior 12-4/5" 13-1/5" 12-1/5"
Top Loading 9-3/4" 5"

The ideal safe when top-load can work for your deposits of cash or documents. Lock Surgeon's safe sales and service centre in Calgary have displays of safe products and the safe experts can discuss what safe options will work for you.

Combination Floor Safes

Floor safes are designed to be cut into the floor of a home or commercial business and encased in concrete.

Floor Safes in Calgary

These solid steel Floor Safes are an ideal way of ensuring your valuables are safe. The floor safe has an advantage over you standard above ground safe in that it is concealed from the naked eye. A would be burglar wants to get in and out quickly so the chances of them lifting up every carpet or rug in your home/business is unlikely.


Product # Width Height Depth Weight
FS-B2 Ext 14" 14" 16-1/8" 137 lbs
Int 13-1/2" 13-1/2" 11-1/3"

Diversion Safes - Hide valuables in Plain Sight

Remanufactured into unique storage safes, these 100% genuine product containers safes are perfect for your home, schools, RVs, boats, camping and office.

Your diversion safes looks exactly like the real product because it was remanufactured from the original container. All our CAN SAFES™ are designed, with a seamless screew-off top or bottom, to allow concealment inside the container. Our books are carefully hollowed and fitted with a secret storage compartment.


Household Items

Personal Care Items


Basic Personal Safes

Physical Features

Opening Features

Product # Width Height Depth Weight Volume EAN
T-25EB Ext 350 mm 250 mm 250 mm 10 kg 17 L 225882
Int 340 mm 240 mm 200 mm

Often referred to as a hotel safe, these basic steel safes with push-button access are easy to use, light-weight and offer a safe, secure place to put your basic identification and other personal effects requiring minimal security.

Calgary Locksmith Service Counter for Cash Management, Fire & Burglary Safes


Apprentice locksmith with over 3yrs experience, has worked in a shop environment and has also provided on-site locksmith solutions. Derrick is now registered in his second year in the Locksmith apprenticeship program. Derrick is currently the lead service provider for Lock Surgeon's Calgary shop location where you will find a variety of security solutions including: Cash management and burglary safes in a variety of sizes. We have safes on display at our Calgary Lock Surgeon Safe Sales Shop Location, where you will be able to review a number of safe styles, sizes and functions. Some of the safes we have on display have common dial combinations while others have been fitted with push-button digital combinations that make the operations of the safe easier for ongoing and frequent use. Visit our Lock Surgeon Calgary Shop location to view safe displays and discuss your safe security needs with Derrick so he can assist you in finding the safe that best meets your needs. It's truly a pleasure to have Derrick work with our Locksmith team. Derrick works under the supervision of a journeyman locksmith and has a number of coworkers to call on for a variety of lock, door, safe and security issues.

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