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Door Weatherstrip, Door Seals, Sweeps & Glazing Rubber Parts Calgary

Lock Surgeon's Mobile Door Weatherstrip Replacement or Repair Service

Repair and replacement of door weatherstrip, door seals and door sweeps are done by Lock Surgeon's mobile weatherstrip servicemen. Residential home weatherstrip can deteriorate, get ripped or lose it's weather-seal on the door which then requires replacment of the door weatherstrip to ensure cold, rain and wind are sealed out of your door entryway. Most Calgary doors have bottom weather-seal sweeps to ensure bugs, rodents and weather do not enter your home. Garden doors to back decks often need weatherstrip repair or replacement, doors can become misaligned and weatherstrip can become matted which means the door weatherstrip will need replacement. Lock Surgeon's weatherstrip replacement mobile serviceman can match your current weatherstrip style, design and colour or supply and install a secondary door weatherstrip. Lock Surgeon is a proud door weatherstrip, door seals & sweeps installer in Calgary.

It's wise to have a door repair professional complete the door weatherstrip and door sweep repair and weatherstrip installation to ensure you have a quality weatherstrip completed project. Replacements and parts for door sweeps and weatherstripping can be viewed, purchased or ordered from Lock Surgeon's weatherstrip parts and service sales centres. With Lock Surgeon's commitment to quality and over 30yrs experience in the door weatherstrip, door seal and sweep hardware industry we have learned what weatherstrip products are necessary to be kept in stock and/or on our Calgary service trucks to assist you with your weathersrtip repair needs.

Lock Surgeon has replacement weatherstrip for residential house doors, replacement weatherstrip for commercial Doors, replacement weatherstrip for storefront doors and replacement weatherstrip for apartment doors. Lock Surgeon's mobile door weatherstrip installation serviceman can visit your site, assess your door weatherstrip needs and repair broken or worn weatherstrip or return to supply and install new weatherstrip on most home residential or commercial business doors.

Repair Replacement of door seals door sweeps Calgary are done by Lock Surgeons mobile servicemen.

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Bottom of Door Sweep/Shoe Door Base Weather-seal

weatherstrip door sweeps and glazing rubber door shoe parts

Door Base Weather-seal Shoes for:

Door shoe, adjustable door sweep, L-shaped door sweep seal, door base weather shoe with rain drip.

Door Sweeps & Door Base Shoes

weatherstrip door sweeps and glazing rubber door shoe and sweep parts

Door Sweeps and Door Base Shoes for:

Door shoe, door sweep 5/8" rubber, door sweep 3/8" rubber, door shoe 9/16" rubber sweep, door shoe 1/4" rubber sweep, door shoe 3/8" rubber sweep.

Bottom of Door Weather-seal

weatherstrip door sweeps and glazing rubber shoe parts

Bottom of Door Weather-seal for:

Door shoe 32" and 36" length, door shoe 13/16" rubber sweep, door shoe with rubber bulb, door shoe 1/4" rubber sweep. Door shoe with vinyl insert, replacement vinyl insert, economy door set.

Replacement Door Sweep & Door Weatherstripping

weatherstrip door sweeps and glazing rubber parts

Sweep and Weatherstrip Replacements for:

Sliding glass door weatherstripping, door sweep 3/8" pile, door sweep 1/4' pile, door sweep for 36" and 96" length.

New Door Sweep & Rubber Gasket

weatherstrip door sweeps and glazing rubber parts

New Door Sweep and Rubber Gasket for:

Door sweep 36" and 48" lengths, Kawneer door sweep, door weatherstripping, rubber gasket for door weatherstripping.

Door Sweep & Astragals

weatherstrip door sweeps and glazing rubber astragal parts

Sweep and Astragal for:

Door sweep, astragal 1/2" x 7/16", flat bar astragal, rain drip.

Door Sweep, Door Sill Bumper & Door Threshold

weatherstrip door sweeps and glazing rubber sill, bumper, threshold parts

Door Sweep, Door Bumper, Door Sill, Door Threshold for:

Door sweep rubber, inswing sill, threshold bumper, vinyl top of inswing threshold.

Door Seal Weatherstrip Foam-Tile®

weatherstrip door sweeps and glazing rubber parts foam-tile

Door Seal Weatherstrip Foam-Tile® for:

Foam-Tile® retrofit door weatherstripping, Foam-Tile® entry door weatherseal, Foam-Tile® kerf mounted weatherseal.

Magnetic Door Weatherstripping

weatherstrip door sweeps and glazing rubber magnetic weatherstrip

Magnetic Door Weatherstripping for:

Foam-Tile®, magnetic weatherstrip set, sliding glass door weatherstripping, bulb weatherstripping. Kerf magnetic weatherstripping, dust blocker for entry doors.

Polypropylene Weatherstripping

weatherstrip door sweeps and glazing rubber parts polypropylene

Weatherstripping for:

Pile weatherstripping 3/16", commercial door weatherstripping.

Pile Weatherstripping

weatherstrip door sweeps and glazing rubber parts pile

Weatherstripping for:

Pile weatherstripping with plastic fin, kerf inserted fin pile.


weatherseal kerf wood window buld and foam tight.

Weatherseal for:

Polyflex® weatherseal, kerf wood window bulb, kerf weatherstripping, kerf foam tight - coils only.

Weatherseal, Bulb & Weatherstrip

Weatherseal bulb and weatherstripping.

Weatherseal, Bulbs and Weatherstripping for:

Co-extruded weatherstripping for windows, compression weatherseal, T-slot rubber bulb. Full felt weatherstripping, half felt weatherstripping, widnow weatherstripping bulb.

Glazing Vinyl & Rubber

Closed cell neoprene with adhesive backing rubber sweeps fringe weatherseal.

Glazing Vinyl and Rubber for:

Closed cell neoprene with adhesive backing, rubber sweep, fringe weatherseal c/w extruded bead, glazing vinyl, glazing rubber.

Glazing Spline

Sealed unit glazing spline & flap t-slot weatherstripping.

Glazing Spline for:

Sealed unit glazing spline, glazing spline, flap T-slot weatherstripping, glazing vinyl.

Glazing Spline

Glazing vinyl glazing spline roll-in rubber.

Glazing Spline for:

Glazing vinyl, 15/16" sealed unit glazing spline, 7/8" sealed unit glazing spline, glazing spline, roll-in rubber.

Splines & Gaskets

Splines gaskets glazing rubber.

Splines and Gaskets for:

Rubber gasket, glazing spline, glazing rubber.

Glazing Spline, Gasket & Rubber

glazing spline gasket and rubber tri-fab backing rubber door stop rubber.

Glazing Spline, Gaskets and Rubber for:

Glazing spline, EPDM ext gasket, glazing gasket, glazing rubber, tri-fab backing rubber, door stop rubber.

Steel Sash Glazing & Roll-in Rubber

Steel sash glazing & roll-in rubber.

Steel Sash Glazing and Roll-in Rubber for:

Glazing rubber, steel sash glazing rubber - push-in rubber, roll-in rubber, steel sash glazing rubber - bulb, rubber gasket.

Glazing Gaskets

glazing spline rubber gasket glazing gasket curtain wall thermal break rubber.

Glazing Gasket for:

Glazing spline, rubber gasket, glazing rubber, glazing gasket, curtain wall thermal break rubber.

Mobile Door Weatherstrip Repair Seals Sweeps Services Calgary & area including:

Northeast Calgary, Northwest Calgary, Southeast Calgary, Southwest Calgary, Rocky Ridge, Arbour Lake, Edgemont, Huntington Hills, Taradale, Springbank Hill, Altadore, Forest Lawn - Forest Heights, Acadia, Lake Bonavista, Shawnessy, Midnapore, McKenzie Town and surrounding areas.

Also providing mobile weatherstrip repair service to surrounding areas of Calgary:

Rocky View County, Wheatland County, Foothills County

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