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Bluetooth Intelligent Access Control Systems & Devices

Access Control - Intelligent Bluetooth Controllers

Manage all of your doors using the powerful, versatile, and cost-effective ACCESS series devices. The only line of "jack-of-all-trades" intelligent opening controllers on the market. Compact design, versatile feature set, and high power output allow you to add Bluetooth locking to virtually any space. Transform your traditional keyed environment into a keyless solution.

Use the powerful ‘brain’ of the ACCESS Series to manage electronic door opening solutions from a single installation to multiple thousand-unit installations! Now you can control electro-mechanical locks, servo & DC motors, drop bolts, electric strikes and more with either the ACCESS or ACCESS-Mini.

Custom design your own solutions, from input power to emergency power to the patented “Quick-Click” feature, you decide how to leverage the ACCESS Series to run your drop bolt, electric strike, door opener, magnetic lock, servo motor or any electro-mechanical device that works off of 12V and draws up to 3A of power! The ACCESS Series also allows you to connect any standard sensor (magnetic, mechanical, etc.) to the system and “Sentinel” will automatically start tracking the status of that sensor as well!

Save tremendous costs by locating the “brain” right next to each door. No more paying costly installation fees to run cable and install servers, power and signaling cables to a central panel!


The ACCESS series includes two versions of intelligent opening controller, ACCESS and ACCESS-Mini. Both versions retain the powerful ability to manage a variety of electro-mechanical locks and come with essential, standard abilities and components including the TFB with patented “Quick-Click”, App and “Sentinel”, to offer a comprehensive solution for keyless enterprise security.

Both ACCESS and ACCESS-Mini have been designed to respond to the challenges faced by an installer. While ACCESS is designed to maximize the installer’s ability to configure per custom needs, the ACCESS-Mini is designed with a minimal size for installers working with extremely limited spaces.

With ACCESS or ACCESS-Mini, Control Virtually Any Type of Door, Including:

Access Control System benefits:


Access Control Offering the greatest user configuration

Manages any electro-mechanical 12V–24V lock drawing up to 3 Amps of power including: servo or stepper motors, standard DC motors, drop bolts, electric strikes, solenoids, and electro-magnetic door locks.

Dimensions: 2.60" x 3.20" x 0.95"


Specifically designed to minimize footprint

Manages any electro-mechanical 12V–24V lock drawing up to 1.5 Amps of power including: servo or stepper motors, standard DC motors, drop bolts, electric strikes, solenoids, electro-magnetic door locks.

Dimensions: 3.00" x 1.38" x 0.79"

TFB Tri-function Box

Access Control with more benefits

Designed to support many of the important benefits of the ACCESS system. When combined with an ACCESS Series intelligent controller, the TFB allows you to fully leverage the system’s special features.

The TFB has a button that, when pressed, wakes up the ACCESS system. By going to sleep, any systems running on battery power will maximize the lifespan of the batteries. By pressing the button, the system will wake up and begin broadcasting its Bluetooth availability.

The button also serves as the interface for any emergency access or non-smartphone access. By pushing the button in a morse-code style, the ACCESS system will unlock when a proper code has been entered. ACCESS stores 99 unique, one-time use codes for use as the “Quick-Click” feature. The button also has a tri-color feedback LED system built in that offers visual cues to the user during the operation of the system.

9V Emergency power access ports are located at the bottom of the TFB. These weatherproof terminals can be used to connect a standard 9V battery should the hard-line or internal battery power of the ACCESS system fail. The 9V battery has sufficient power to not only operate the CPU, but also power the connected endpoint to unlock. Once unlocked, the user can enter the locked area and correct the failed power situation. One TFB can be connected to multiple ACCESS Series products.

Dimensions: Size: 2.00” x 3.00” x .1.25”

Access Series Endpoints

A necessary compliment to your ACCESS Series intelligent controllers. Because the ACCESS Series intelligent controllers work with such a wide variety of electro-mechanical locks, it would be difficult to list them all. From cabinet door locks to server cabinet door locks to glass door locks, the ACCESS Series can control them all.

The ACCESS Series works with 12VDC controlled locks that draw up to 3A of current during operation. The ACCESS Series can work either as Fail-Open (FO) or Fail-Close (FC) simply by a switch of parameters in the Sentinel enterprise management system.

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