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Lock Surgeon's Security Keys & Deadbolts

By Mul-T-Lock

lock surgeon security key control and deadbolts mt-5 security key system provincial security key multilock deadbolt with removable t-turn for added security in doors with windows deadbolt is nonpickable nondrillable and requires specialty key

Lock Surgeon's Security Key Features

  • Mul-T-Lock's unique dimples cannot be copied on standard sawtooth key cutting machines.
  • Patented floating pin technology enhances key control.
  • Your key profile will be strictly managed at Lock Surgeon's Security Centre and cannot be acquired at kiosks selling common keys.
  • Keys cannot be reproduced by staff, tenants, friends or family without your authorization.
  • Mul-T-Lock security key systems are also pick and drill resistant, further restricting unauthorized access.

Residential & Commercial Door Security Systems

When it comes to the best in security keys and deadbolts, Mul-T-Lock stands above the crowd with it's solid construction and innovative technology.

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Deadbolt Features

  • Mul-T-Lock's special hardened bolt is made of saw resistant steel.
  • A solid steel shroud covers the bolt extension to maximize resistance from physical attacks.
  • The free spin rings surrounding the lock are machined from solid brass for added protection against forced entry.
  • The bolt itself is fitted with an advanced steel ball bearing mechanism that locks the door to the jam

Lock Surgeon's 3-in-1 Rekey Option

  • Your building is first keyed to the green key and you are provided with the number of keys you currently require.
  • A yellow rekey or change key can be provided at the time of installation, or at a future date. This key can be inserted into the lock and with a simple twist of this key, your locks are rekeyed to this new, secure yellow key. *At this point, all previously distributed keys are locked out and will no longer allow entry* Additional yellow keys can be ordered at any time to match your current needs.
  • A red key operates in the same manner as the yellow key, to allow an additional quick and easy rekey.
  • Our technicians can help analyze your needs to determine if this system is of benefit to you. It's all part of the service.

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