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Lock Surgeon Locksmith Service & Door Repair service Chestermere Mobile

For lock and door problems that need to be repaired, Lock Surgeon provides same day emergency mobile locksmith service so that your door is secured quickly. Chestermere Lock Surgeon provides fast mobile locksmith service with fully trained and licensed locksmiths with police security clearance. Lock Surgeon has door and locksmith service trucks that provide locksmith service throughout Chestermere and areas. Get Lock Surgeon's locksmith service & door repair service mobile team working for you!

Lock Surgeon

Since 1989, Lock Surgeon's locksmith and door service has successfully raised the standards of quality, value, and dependability in the Locksmith industry. Today and every day, with a promise of individual attention and great value for all Lock Surgeon customers & clients, Lock Surgeon remains committed to offering services that raise those standards even higher. Lock Surgeon was awarded the Consumers Choice Award from 2002 - 2019.

Residential and Commercial Locksmith Chestermereph2>

Lock Surgeon's provide locksmith services in Chestermere for residential and commercial clients. If you're looking for door hardware such as door handles, deadbolts, door closers, panic bars, doors, safes, electric strikes, access control, hinges, pivots, security hardware or security keys, or master keys, Lock Surgeon has the answer to your residential and commercial locksmiths and door repair needs.

Mobile Locksmith Chestermere

Lock Surgeon's mobile licensed locksmith service technicians servicing Chestermere provide on-site service such as key cutting, lock rekeys, master key systems, security key systems, automotive open ups, home open ups, door repair & door reinforcement, and a variety of home and commercial door hardware repair and replacement.

Lock Rekey Chestermere

Need your locks changed? No need to replace them. Lock Surgeon's locksmiths in Chestermere can come to your home or business, rekey them to a new key and provide you with as many keys as you may need.

How does Lock Surgeon rekey your lock? Lock Surgeon's locksmith will remove your existing locks, take the internal lock cylinder components apart, remove the current bottom lock pins (combination that matches your key), inspect the cylinder walls, top pins and springs for wear, replace them if needed, install new bottom locking pins to match the new keys Lock Surgeon's technician will be providing you, reassemble the internal lock cylinder components, install the lock back on your door and test that it is working correctly.

Door Repair Chestermere

Doors are gateways to your home and business and therefore door and lock maintenance are extremely important but quite often overlooked. Lock Surgeon has full trained locksmiths, door repair and new door installation technicians who can take care of all your Chestermere door repair needs. Our professional locksmiths can service all makes and models of doors and locks. Lock Surgeon offers a wide range of expertise in locksmith service department for aluminum storefronts, steel and wood man doors of all types, handles, deadbolts, panic bars, security bars, door closers, door hinges, security gates, sliding grilles, etc. For door repair in Chestermere, it's got to be Lock Sugeon mobile door repair.

Lock Repair Chestermere

The environmental conditions in Chestermere can be extreme and cause locks to break. Lock Surgeon's team of professional locksmiths in Chestermere can come to your home or business and repair your broken lock. If your lock can not be repaired, Lock Surgeon's trucks are fully stocked with new handles, deadbolts, cam locks, mail box locks, file cabinet locks, desk locks and much more. For all your lock repair needs throughout Chestermere, trust Lock Surgeon - Consumer's Choice Award winners from 2002 to 2024.

Door Handle Chestermere

Need a new door handle for your home in Chestermere? Lock Surgeon has the largest selection of residential and commercial door handles in Chestermere, Alberta. Most come in many different finishes, such as Brass, stainless steel, nickel, oil rubbed bronze and more. You can purchase the door handle and install it yourself or have one of Lock Surgeon's Chestermere locksmiths install it for you. They can also make keys to your existing Chestermere door handle if you have lost them. Day or night, Lock Surgeon is here to help you.

Deadbolt Chestermere

The main security on your Chestermere home or business is the deadbolt. The one installed by the builder will most likely be a cost effective product. If you would like to upgrade your deadbolt or have a high security deadbolt installed on your home or business please call us. One of Lock Surgeon's Chestermere locksmiths will come to your home or business, show you the different deadbolt options, explain the positives and negatives of them all and also be able to install the deadbolt of your choice. They can also make keys to your existing deadbolt if you have lost them.

Open Up Chestermere

Need a car, truck, home or business open up? Lock Surgeon's locksmiths in Chestermere can rescue you from this unhappy event. Lock Surgeon always strives to have your home, business, truck or car opened up within 5 to 10 minutes. For the best in open up service Chestermere call Lock Surgeon Chestermere.

Unlock Chestermere

Locked out of your car, truck, home or business? Let Lock Surgeon unlock it for you. Lock Surgeon can also unlock file cabinets, desks, mail box and almost anything else. Lock Surgeon can help you with unlock needs throughout Chestermere.

Make Keys Chestermere

If you have lost your keys, Lock Surgeon can help! All Lock Surgeon's Chestermere locksmiths make keys to locks. If it's a file cabinet lock, desk lock, cam lock, tool box lock, house lock or business lock, Lock Surgeon has the ability to make keys to it. With over 25 years in business Lock Surgeon can make keys to some of the most complex locks Chestermere has.

Window Bars Chestermere

Glass is one of the weakest points of business or home security. Secure your window with window bars from Lock Surgeon. Professional installation by Lock Surgeon's Chestermere locksmith ensures that they are installed correctly, and meet fire code regulations. Lock Surgeon has a few different options for window bars in Chestermere. Most houses will have Lock Surgeon's steel explandable expert window bars, that come in white, installaed on their basement windows. While businesses tend to choose the elite line of aluminum window bars that come in white, silver and brown. There are also door grills and expandable gate options that can help solve other Chestermere window bar needs.

Weather Stripping Chestermere

Old Man Winter! Need Lock Surgeon say more? Leaks in the exterior envelope of a home or business is one of the largest causes of heat loss and energy costs. Weather stripping can get old, brittle and break or get ripped over time. Let Lock Surgeon come replace your weatherstripping in Chestermere. Home or business, Lock Surgeon has the correct type to make sure your doors are sealed and reducing any chance of a leak. Sometimes your weatherstripping is in great shape but your door is not closing and latching in the correct position. Lock Surgeon can adjust your door and latch so that your weatherstripping is pressed up against your door correctly. You can also have Lock Surgeon's locksmith in Chestermere install a new door sweep to stop drafts from coming in under the door.

Break-In Repair Chestermere

A break-in event can be devastating. Lock Surgeon's team of locksmiths throughout Chestermere and Alberta are trained in break in repair and door frame repair. Lock Surgeon also stocks parts on their service trucks to reinforce your door and frame. If your door or frame is too damaged from the break in and cannot be repaired, Lock Surgeon's Chestermere locksmith will secure your entrance and order you a new door and frame.

Door Closer Repair Chestermere

Door closers that are not adjusted correctly can slam or hold a door open for too long. This can cause the door and lock to get damaged by the repeated slamming, or the door getting ripped open by the wind and breaking the hinges or door closer. Let us adjust your door closer in Chestermere so this does not happen or if it already has, Lock Surgeon's locksmith in Chestermere can repair your door closer.

Need a new door closer? Lock Surgeon stocks all shapes, sizes and brands. Door closers have the option to come with all season hydraulic fluid, hold open arms, speed and latch adjustments, size adjustable and delay action. The wind can also be an issue in Chestermere. It rips doors open and causes the door closer arm to break. Ask Lock Surgeon's locksmith for a door closer that has a back check adjustment to reduce the chances of this happening. They also come with many different mounting options. This is why Lock Surgeon always recommends having your door closer professionally installed.

What is a Locksmith?

Locksmiths fix, repair and make keys to locks, rekey locks, doors, hinges, electronic locks, open up and unlock vehicles, unlock and open up homes and businesses. For more information on the locksmith trade, click this link.

How do I become a Chestermere locksmith?

Lock Surgeon is always looking for people to join the team. Please call us at 780-448-9243 and ask to talk with Josh about applying to become a locksmith.

Locksmith Fraud / Locksmith Scam

With the latest technology at our fingertips and the growth of the internet, how we choose a service company is changing and consumers need to be more aware than ever of scams and fraud. In recent years there has been several fraudulent organizations trying to take advantage of customers needing a locksmith in Chestermere.

Lock Surgeon would like to inform customers to use caution when choosing a locksmith company via the internet. Make sure the company you choose has a valid business license to operate in Chestermere, locksmith license, insurance and up to date WCB, and service trucks should be clearly marked with a company name. If at any point you feel uncomfortable with the service you are receiving, take action to prevent being scammed. Lock Surgeon - A World of Security.


Sometimes Things Happen

No one likes it when things go wrong, no one more than us, but if it does check out our Warranty

Lock Surgeon Follows the A.L.O.A. Locksmith Code of Ethics:

  • That the dignity of our chosen profession may be perpetuated, it is the duty of all members of the ALOA;
  • To practice their profession in the spirit of fairness to their clients, with fidelity to security in conformance with appropriatness, and with high ideals of personal honor;
  • To properly and impartially analyze security problems, and to advance the best possible solution for the protection of their clients.
  • To conduct themseles in a dignified manner;
  • To abide by applicable licensing and business regulations;
  • To abstain from using improper or questionable methods of soliciting patronage, and to decline to accept such incompatible patronage;
  • To refrain from associating themselves with or allowing the use of their names by any enterprise of questionable character, or in any manner countenancing misrepresentation;
  • To cooperate in advancing the best interest of the locksmithing industry by interchange of general information and experience with fellow locksmiths.
  • To encourage and promote loyalty to the profession, always ready to apply their special knowledge, skill and training for the use and betterment of our industry.
  • All members of the A.L.O.A. by acceptance therin, shall be deemed to have subscribed to this code of ethics.

Lock Surgeon looks forward to helping you with your future locksmith needs.

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Originally known as Chestermere Lake and used for irrigation. The city of Chestermere has come a long way in the last 25 years. In 1992 the population was 1043 and in March 1993 they officially became the Summer village of Chestermere Lake. The town has continued to grow, adding amenities and services for residents. In 2014 the population grew to 17,203 residents as recorded by its 2014 municipal census. Town council voted in gavour of pursuing city status, which became effective January 1, 2015.

Some of Chestermere's attractions are:
Chestermere Lake - Used for waterskiing, wake boarding, fishing and a variety of other water sports. It also provides day use parks for launching boats and family areas for the enjoyment of the outdoors.
Chestermere Water Festival - An annual celebration of summer at the lake.
Biking and Skateboarding - Chestermere is connected to the Calgary bicycle pathway system at the south end of West Chestermere, Chestermere Drive (by the canal) and has bike trails surrounding the lake, a BMX park and a skate park.
Lakeside Greens Golf Course in Chestermere is a semi-private 18 hole golf course.

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- RCMP Detatchment

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