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Showcase Toolbox Desk Locks Edmonton South

Locks for Showcases, Displays, Drawers, Etc.

If you have lost the keys to your showcases, displays case, drawers etc, or had them stolen, Lock Surgeon Edmonton South can help you find a replacement lock, or make new keys to your existing lock.

Tool Box Lock Edmonton South

Tool boxes are excellent for storing your tools, but jobsites can be dirty and exterior elements can cause your tool box lock to fail or break. When you need your tool box lock cleaned or a new tool box lock, come to Lock Surgeon Edmonton south for the largest selection. We also repair tool box locks that have been broken into.

Edmonton South Desk Locks & File Cabinet Locks

If you have lost the keys to your desk lock or file cabinet lock, Lock Surgeon Edmonton South can either replace the lock or make keys to the lock depending on the make and model. If you wish to replace it yourself, remove the lock and bring it into our locksmith shop so we can find the correct replacement for you.

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