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Window & Showcase Locks

  • Mounts with two part epoxy glue.
  • Two part lock for use with sliding doors or windows.
  • Mounting plate bonds permanently to the surface.
  • The lock then ratchets onto the plate and is removable using the key or thumbturn.
  • Fasteners or locktite are provided to attach plate to material.
  • Chrome finish


  • Utilizes a straight tailpiece to brace against the frame of the sliding door or window to be protected.
  • Suited for residential sliding glass doors and windows.
  • Can be applied to glass, metal, plexiglass or wood surfaces with the supplied adhesive or screws.
  • SLGO14: SlideGuard keyed original lock for glass, metal and plexi.
  • SLGO16: SlideGuard keyed original lock for wood.


  • Utilizes a bent or "Z" tailpiece to overlap and brace against the frame of the door or window being protected.
  • Designed to secure jewelery and display cases, or truck, boat and RV windows.
  • For SlideGuard keyed "Z" door lock for glass, metal and plexi.
MFG# Keying Material Tongue EZ#
LSLGO KAM9571 KAM957 Glass Straight 085844
LSLGO16KD1 KD Wood / Metal Straight 085848
LSLGO KAM9581 KAM958 Glass Bent 085846

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