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Lock Surgeon New Home Handles & Deadbolts Morinville

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Our friendly Morinville knowledgable dispatcher will book your new home handles & deadbolts appointment.

Our friendly Morinville, knowledgable dispatcher will book your new home handles & deadbolts appointment.

Your professional mobile Morinville technician arrives, delivering timely service with commonly stocked product

Your professional mobile Morinville technician arrives, delivering timely service with commonly stocked product.

Professional Morinville new home handles & deadbolts installations and quality hardware.

Professional Morinville new home handles & deadbolts installation and quality hardware.

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New Home Handles & Deadbolts Morinville

Lock Surgeon mobile Morinville has a large variety of new home handles and new deadbolts for meeting the needs of customers door handle replacement and/or door renovations. Lock Surgeon's parts and service centres have handles and deadbolts in a variety of styles and functions in stock and ready for your project completion. Our shop locksmith service staff can key your new handle or new deadbolt selection to match each other or be completely different from your past keys to help you regain key control of your home or business entry doors.

Our helpful mobile staff can discuss your project and review options with you to give you the best opportunity to view how a new handle or new deadbolt will then look on your door. Our new residential hardware service centre technicians will also run through a number of security options that may be adventageous to better secure your door and door frame. Bring Lock Surgeon your door hardware challenges and our in-house locksmiths will do their best to find a solution that will work for you.

Morinville Lock Surgeon variety of handle & deadbolt for customer door handle replacement or renovations needs. Morinville finger pushing buttons on a manual pushbutton entry handle

Lock Surgeon Mobile New Home Handle & Deadbolts Morinville

Mobile Services Morinville

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Servicing Morinville and area.

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Visit our service centres to view door ball knob handles, lever entry handles, grip sets, deadbolts, push-button digital entry systems, peep holes, door viewers in a variety of colours and functions. Lock Surgeon also supplies weatherstrip as well as hinges, door frames and door slabs.

DIY In-store Sales and Service

Morinville Stronger grade 2 deadbolt, superior strength and durability, parts to replace bolts and screws.

Upgrade your deadbolt to a superior quality

220 Series Deadbolts: Massive 1" cul throw adjustable backset bolt with hardened steel rot to resist sawing. Strike is 2-3/4" x 1-1/8" reinforced type faceplate with two 3" long screws, plus standard 4-7/8" x 1-1/4" ASA strike for metal jambs. Removable solid brass 6 pin cylinder with keyed 5 pin standard, IC Core option accepts 6 or 7 pin best style cores. Compatible with LSDA C500 cylinders as well as many other retrofit and high security brands. Accpets many after market & high security cylinders. Rotating collar with inserts that resist wrenching. All metal construction, all exposed components are brass or stainless steel. ANSI/BHMA A 156.2 series 4000 Grade 2 certified. UL/cUL Listed, safety standards listed for 3 hour doors. Pair with the 220 series adjustable bolts & thick door package if needed for added security.

Visit Lock Surgeon's new handle & new deadbolt sales and service centre parts department Calgary, Unit-D 2020 32 Ave NE, to view displays of deadbolts, handles and keyless entry and discuss your new door hardware needs with one of Lock Surgeon's home handle hardware sales and service centre parts department information providers.

Lever Handles to Meet Building Codes for Residential Applications

Morinville lever handles meet building code requirements for the disabled and aged

Choose lever handles from a variety of colours, styles and functions to meet your room, office or entry system needs

50 Series Tubular Leversets: Adjustable 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" backset, full 1/2" latch projection. ANSI/BHMA A156.2, series 4000 Grade 3 compliant. 1-3/8" to 1-3/4" door thickness. Levers and roses are stainless steel or brass, mechanism is constructed of steel, auto locking inside levers, concealed mounting screws. Latch retracts with only 45º rotation. All keyed levers are stocked WR3 keyway. Replacement SC1 Keyway cylinder for 50 series "entrance function" levers.

Our in-store Calgary home hardware serviceman can review your current door hardware and supply new quality triple-springed lever handles in decorator styles and functions that will enhance your door appearance while adding security.

Ball Knobs/Door Handles With Adjustable Latch Lengths

Morinville Quality door handle made to secure entrance provide privacy security and provide easy passage.

Ball knobs and door handles in a variety of colours, functions to meet your door lock requirements

10 Series Cylindrical Locksets: Built on a cylindrical lock chassis using high quality brass and steel. 5 pin solid brass cylinder. Adjustable 2-3/8" to 2-3/4" universal latch. 2-3/8" and 2-3/4" drive-in latches are available. Full 1/2" projection deadlatch. Adjustable 1-3/8" to 1-3/4" door thickness.

Lock Surgeon's in-store door hardware parts serviceman can review your current door hardware and supply new standard ball knob design with quality components, steel and finishes. Available in functions to meet your room needs such as: entrance, passage, privacy or storeroom.

Door Handles for Easy Replacement of Older Home and Apartment Hardware

Morinville Simple and easy to use door knobs that provide entrance security, privacy or just basic passage

Easy install handles for the "Do-It-Yourselfer"

00 Series Tubular Knobsets and Grade 3 Replacement Latches: Residential locksets with tubular mechanism. Adjustable 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" backset; Full 1/2" latch projection. "4-way" latches can be used for standard or drive-in installations. ANSI/BHMA A156.2 series 4000, Grade 3 compliant. 1-3/8" to 1-3/4" door thickness. Knobs and roses are stainless steel or brass. Mechanism is constructed of steel. 00 and 02 Knobs: automatically unlock when the inside knob is rotated.

Do it yourself these new handles retrofit into the older home and apartment door knob holes. Parts and service are always available at Lock Surgeon's Calgary locksmith sales and service centre, Unit-D 2020 32 Ave NE.

New Deadbolts for Home Residential Use That Provide Top of Grade Security

Morinville top grade deadbolts come and venetian bronze colours, single-sided cylinder or double-sided cylinder

Deadbolts in designer colours, single-sided keyway or double-sided keyway

20 Series solid cylinder deadbolts: 20 - Full 1" throwbolt with hardened steel rod insert, 5 pin tumbler, solid brass cylinder. Revolving cylinder collar resists any attempt at twist-off. Solid brass one piece cylinder housing. Door thickness adjustable for door 1-3/8" to 1-3/4" UL adjustable bolt 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" backset. 20MB3W ADJ DI KA4 - Drive-in whereas all others have standard bolts. 22-3 Spin to lock - Spin to lock function by spining outside cylinder collar. Outside locking by key, Blocker button inside prevents access by key from outside when button is engaged.

Do the retrofit install yourself. These new deadbolts are top of the grade quality with 1" throw, quality finishes and strong keyways. Visit Lock Surgeon's new residential door hardware store at, Unit-D 2020 32 Ave NE, for assistance in choosing the right quality grade deadbolt.

Deadbolt Built to Accept a Variety of Different Keyways to Match Your Building Keying Needs

Morinville quality deadbolt and superior locking one inch throw bolt, hardware kit will fit 2-1/4 door package

Match your current key system to this deadbolt so all your locks work on one key

20r Series Removable Cylinder Deadbolt: Full 1" throw bolt with hardened steel rod insert. Revolving cylinder collar resists any attempt at twist-off. Door thikcness adjustable for door 1-3/8" to 1-3/4". UL adjustable bolt 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" backset. Removable solid brass 6 pin cylinder (pinned 5) standard. compatible with LSDA C500 cylinders as well as many other retrofit and high security brands. We also carry Grade 3 bolts, thick door packages, strikes & cylinder cap removal tools.

This deadbolt is designed to accept a variety of different key-type cylinders such as Schlage, Weiser, Yale, Sargent and security keyways. Lock Surgeon's in-store Calgary repair or replacement service technicians can match your current deadbolts or handles with quality replacement parts to meet your needs.

Elegant Designer Grip-sets Complete With Deadbolt

Morinville Strong durable elegant replacement or new grip-set handles for home or apartment

A look and colour to match your front door style requirements

40 Series Entrance Gripsets: ANSI/BHMA: A156.2 Series 4000, Grade 3 compliant. Door thicknes of 1-3/8" to 1-3/4", 1" throw bolt with hardened steel anti-saw rod. Backset adjustable 2-3/8" or 2-3/4", strikes 2-1/4" full lip. Handing: non-handed. Cylinder supplied with KW1, SC1 or WR5 rekeyable 5 pin cylinder, Optional SC1 cylinder available. Revolving cylinder collar, reinforced with hardened anti-saw rod. Door preparation: 2-1/8" diameter bore x 1" crossbore. Key locking outside, turnbutton locking inside. 40 Series: Centre to centre early american & park avenue 8-5/8". 41 Series: Dummy for inactive leaf of double doors. 46 Series: Centre to centre 9-11/16" 2-1/8" bore required for deadbolt. Optional Interior Levers for 40 Series: Handing LH or RH, mount available for 40 & 46 series gripsets.

These grip-sets come in a variety of sizes to match the current length and widths of your door handle. Strong thumb-latch, triple-spring action, quality finish make these the right choice to replace or renovate your current handles. Display handles can be viewed at the Lock Surgeon Calgary service centre at Unit-D 2020 32 Ave NE.

Alternate Locking Cylinders and Lever Handles for Interior of Grip-sets

Morinville match your keying and handle needs

Match your key requirements with these cylinders and replace interior ball knobs with lever handles

40 & 46 Series gripset accessories and electronic keypad deadbolts - Optional SC1 Keyway cylinders for 40 - 46 Series and Optional interior levers for 40 - 46 Series.

Locking cylinder keyways in the Schlage profile can be provided to match other locking handles and deadbolts you currently have. Lever handles can replace interior ball knobs where lever handles are a preferred function for egress. Review product selection and receive Locksmith advice on which handle or cylinder will work best for your door hardware challenge at the Calgary Lock Surgeon Lock Smith service centre nearest you.

Push-button Entry Complete with Key Overide and Smartcard

Morinville easy to use digital entry can be installed by most home handimen

Digital entry made easy, key overide provides added convenience

EL740 Series Keypad Deadbolts with proximity smart cards: UL listed for 2hr fire doors. Weather resistant electronic deadbolts with mechanical key override. Optional auto-locking/relocking adjustable 10 to 90 seconds, optional single use codes, optional dual authorization mode. Digital keypad with up to 10 different codes possible. Temporary lock-out all user codes. Optional "keypad mute" mode for quiet environment. Non-handed, automatically detects and sets bolt direction. 1" deadbolt projection. Adjustable 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" backset. Door thickness to 1-3/8" to 2", Door preparation: 1-1/2" or 2-3/8" diameter bore x 1" crossbore. Comes with SC1 Keyway, drilled for 6, pinned to 5. Uses 4 "AA" batteries (not supplied), 5000 operational batter life. Can be programmed to work with up to 10 RFID Smartcards (comes with 2 cards). Works with any MiFare proximity cards, including many Transit Passes and Credit Cards.

EL750 Series Keypad Deadlatch Levers: Comes with SC1 keyway, drilled for 6 pin to 5. Conventional key-in-knobs cylinders will not work. Adjustable 2-3/4" or 2-3/8" backset. Handing: Field reversible. Door preparation 1-1/2" to 2 1/8" diameter bore x 1" crossbore. Door thickness 1-3/8" to 2", uses 4 "AA" batteries (not supplied). Weather resistan, temporary lock-out all user codes, optional "keypad mute" mode for quiet environment, 90 min fire rated. 50,000 operation battery life. Up to 100 user codes, auto relock adjustable from 5 to 90 seconds. Internal switch for passage mode.

Lock Surgeon's quality push-button entry with key-overide and smartcard make this an excellent choice for home owners, office use, rental units, hotels and B&Bs. The key access makes it easy for housekeeping and maintenance staff to enter units even if the push-button code has been altered by renters, tenants and/or family members. Visit our local Calgary Lock Surgeon location at, Unit-D 2020 32 Ave NE, and one of our Locksmith serviceman will help you choose the right push-button entry systems to meet your door access needs.

Weiser Deadbolt Replacement Latches and Grip-set Mechanisms

Morinville 2-3/8, 2-3/4 and 5 inch backset latches as well as deadbolts

Hard to find, easy to replace components for your Weiser locks

Single Cylinder Deadbolts: Deadbolts feature a 1" projection deadbolt with a 1/4" hardened steel roller to resist sawing and prying. Heavy duby strike plates with 3" mounting screws to resist impact blows and two heavy duty 1/4" mounting screws to secure the deadbolt to the door. Meets ANSI A156.5 Grade 2, adjustable bolt for 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" door backsets. Trim materials - brass inner and outer trim. Chassis materials - zinc security housing. Also: Solid Brass Keyblanks, Gripset mechanism, deadbolt cylinder, replacement latches and bolts.

Ask the Calgary Lock Surgeon sales and service centre parts counter staff for help finding the correct part to replace broken or worn handle latches, bolts for deadbolts or grip-set mechanisms.

Elegant Designer Deadbolts and Handles by Schlage

Morinville Schlage deadbolts and handles. Secondary locking Patio pins to lock down patio doors

Residential Schlage deadbolts and grip-sets. Patio door locking bolts

Low Profile Brass Single Cylinder Deadbolts: Distinctive hardware for fine homes, standard door prep and installation. Solid brass cylinder, housing, collar and rosette. Hardened steel bolt, heavy gauge steel understrike and brass trim strike shipped with every deadbolt. Includes latch and strike plate. For 1-3/8" to 1-3/4" doors with 2-3/4" backset. Requires 1-1/2" crossbore, SC1 keyway standard, WR5 keyway available by special order. Extension kit for 2-1/4" doors available by special order.

Brass Tubular Entrance Handlesets: Stocked with egg knobs, solid forged brass trim. Fits any door between 1-3/4" to 2-1/4" thick with 2-1/8" bore standard door prep. Marietta 5-1/2" centre-to-centre, SC1 Keyway standard, stocked with both 2-3/8" and 2-3/4" backsets. Handing required if lever used on inside or if interconnect device is specified.

Keyed Patio Door Bolts: Safe bolting or secure deadlocking operation. Suitable for both aluminium and timber doors. For hinged, sliding and french doors, reversible bolt for ease of installation. Concealed fixing for security and style, square drive screws for ease of installation.

Need to match a style or keyway? Let Lock Surgeon's service counter shop locksmith know what your needs are. Patio door bolts are a keyed secondary locking device.

Old Style Mortise Locks With Skeleton Key and Glass Knobs

Morinville Old Style Mortise Locks With Skeleton Key and Glass Knobs

Replacement hardware for older character homes complete with skeleton key, mortise lock and glass knob

Moritse Deadbolt: Heavy duty cylinder housing, reinforced free turning collars. Cylinders are retained by set screws, allen-wrench is furnished. Armored front shields set screws, solid brass trim. Uses standard mortise cylinder with Adams Rite type cam. Fits doors from 1-3/8" to 1-3/4", thicker doors use longer cylinders, 1" throw bolt with 2 hardened steel pins.

Old Style Mortise Locks: 199A - "Crystal" glass knob with die cast bottom, includes spidle and set screws. 2" Diameter projects 2-1/4". 215 04 51: complete set includes 2 knobs, threaded spindle, 214 04 51 lock body, 2 of 213 04 51 escutheon, strike, screws and 2 keys. 216 03 51: fits square spindle

These old-style locks were popular in the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s in old-style character homes for locking front and back doors. Come down to our easily accessible Lock Surgeon locaton at, Unit-D 2020 32 Ave NE, and Let one of our Lock Surgeon parts and service counter repairmen show you our line of products and match your hardware needs.

Morinville Residential Home, Office, or Apartment Push-button Entry

Morinville Mechanical push-button entry with deadbolt or deadlatch

Push-button digital entry available in deadbolt for security or deadlatch for convenience

7100 Series Auxiliary Locks: Provides fully mechanical primary or auxiliary push-button access control by exterior combination. Single access code, one easy-to-manage code for all users. Easily programmed via keypad. Vandal resistant, solid metal push-buttons, weather resistant. Handing: Field reversible. Minimum stile:4", covers 2-1/8" holes. Door thickness 1-3/8" to 2-1/4". 7102 & 7108 - Ideal for front and rear residential/commercial doors. Must be manually relocked, flat deadbolt strike plate. 7102 19 41 - body is black and inside plates are satin chrome. 7104 - perfect for storage areas, offices, etc. Relocks automatically when door closes. Curved lip strke plate.

6200 Series Latch Locks: Single access code, one easy-to-manage code for all users. Easily programmed via keypad. All metal cast front housing, force-resistant, clutch-protected exterior thumbturn, unified interior trim plate, fixed interior knob. Vandal resistant, solid metal push-buttons. Front housing 5-7/8"L x 2-3/4"W x 2-9/16"D, door thickness 1-3/8" to 2-3/4", backset 2-3/4", 1/2" throw latch, floating face plate. UL Listed: 3 hour fire rating for "A" Labeled doors. Weather resistant.

These hardworking, durable, all-metal mechanical push-button entries have no batteries or plastic parts. This is Lock Surgeon's locksmith professionals choice in push-button digital entry. Available in brass and silver. Come to Lock Surgeon's sales and service centre to review styles and functions of these superior push-button entry systems.

Mini-push-button Entry and Push-button Cabinet Locks

Mini-push-button Entry and Push-button Cabinet Locks Morinville

Push-button digital entry to secure cabinets

LD450 Series Residential Latch Lock: Single access code, one easy-to-manage code for all users. Easily programmed via keypad once removed from door. Operation modes: Push-button access, and latch holdback (easily removed in field). Solid cast housings; cast octagon knob. Vandal resistant, metal push-buttons, non-handed, field reversible. Backset 2-3/4", 1/2" tubular latch. Door preparation easily installs on wood or metal doors. Requires four holes (two for through bolts, one for latch spindle, and one for latch support post). Door thickness 1-3/8" to 2-1/2", includes lock assembly, installation manual, template, and required hardware as well as two 2-1/2" x 8" cover plates and two 2" gaskets.

9600 Series Push-button Cabinet Lock: Uses same combination system as other push-button access controls from kaba Simplex. Specifically designed for cabinet doors, desk drawers, and similar applications. Ideal for use in many locations: medicine chests, liquor cabinets, gun boxes, courier pick-up boxes, home entertainment units, cleaning supply cabinets, tool chests, private files, audio-visual cabinets, and petty cash drawers. Single access code, one easy-to-manage code for all users. Easily programmed via keypad without removing lock from the door. All metal cast face plate; force-resistant, protected exterior knob. Vandal resistant, solid metal push-buttons, non-handed, end-throw/cross-throwspring latch with automatic relock. Ball bearing clutch knob. Door thickness: wood doors 5/8" to 7/8". Trim plate and elbow catch included. Horizontal or vertical installations: Two-step mortise installation using router or 5-1/2" x 1" slot with trim plate.

Door Viewers and Peepholes in Morinville

Morinville Standard door peephole, fire-rated peephole, angle-view and stand-away door viewers

Standard door peephole, fire-rated peephole, angle-view and stand-away door viewers

Viewers: 511 Revolving Viewer - Revolving feature gives 140º of vision in the direction the viewer is pointed. For doors 1" to 2" thick. Crystal optical glass viewer. Requires 2-3/8" diameter bore.

B03: For doors 1-3/8" to 2-1/8"

DV180: For doors 1-3/8" to 2-1/8". For 20 minute fire rated doors.

DS1000 Stand Away Viewer: The "viewer" can stand at a distance of up to 7' inside the door and see a clear image of the visitor outside. The visitor is unable to look through the viewer to see on the other side of the door. For doors 1-3/8" to 1-31/32".

Steel Astragal: Steel astragal with conditioned edges. 1/8" steel, 1-3/4" wide, 7" long.

Reference Chart for Colours Available

Morinville Colour finishes available in many styles.

Product finish chart allows you to accurately request the colour that you wish to have on your chosen handle or deadbolt hardware

Product finish charts and other product displays and showroom available at our Calgary location, Unit-D 2020 32 Ave NE, allow you to accurately request the colour that you wish to have on your chosen handle or deadbolt hardware

Door Hardware - 6 min

Quality Door Handles, Knobs, Lever Handles, Deadbolts and Front Entry Grip Sets.

So what we have here is our basic ball-knobs, they come in a variety of colours and functions. By functions I mean some come with a key and some come without a key so that would be a passage set for bedroom or possibly a washroom set and a set for your front door. They come in a variety of colours so we have brass, silver, antique brass, venetian and another type of silver that is popular today which is nickel or pewter. The old handles were quite cheap, insecure, you can see how cheap that housing is there.

Our current brand of handles come with a more solid interior, it's called a tubular interior so its going to the handle hole area better then it has and then we have this dead-latch area so that when that presses against your latch that latch will no longer retract. So you can't "credit card" that door open, that's something our technician can show you as well. These are a little tricker to put together but the technician will do his part to make that all work for you and get the appropriate function for your entranceway.

The deadbolts we have also come in a variety of colours so again you have the brass the silver the venetian a brushed silver and we can get these ordered up in the colour that you need. The technician will have a variety of these on his truck and we have a variety here in the shop. There is a variety of qualities the deadbolts as well, so here we've got a typical residential deadbolt and as you can see the inside is hollow it's a spin collar that is hollow, that's our minimum grade project and all the product we sell is at the top of the line grade 3 spectrum, so we have the top of the line grade three which is residential.

We do like to put a good deadbolt in, this is a grade 2 bolt so that is a better bolt than you'd find on any residential grade that you would pick up at the box store. Then we move up to a grade 2 deadbolt itself. As you can see the housing is solid so it's not going to get crushed and will fill in that door hole nicely. The bolt itself is a little bit superior bolt again so that's going to be a stronger bolt in your doorway. This Mul-T-Lock deadbolt, it's a very heavy duty deadbolt with key control, anti-drill, anti-pick with a spin collar on the outside, this is the best of the best its a grade 1 deadbolt, it has the ballbearing that interlocks with your strike and another one that interlocks with the faceplate so that your door can't be pried apart. You have 5/8 of an inch left inside the tube, hardened tube, excellent unit it is our best and really you can't get better than that.

Now these are levers, and lever handles have become the new standard, in fact in some provinces and or cities these are now mandatory, creating an environment so that a handicapped person or a person with a handicap in their hands like Rheumatoid arthritis or some other issue you can open it up with your fist, your elbow or you could open it up with your forehead if you really had to. They come in different functions or in different styles and often we can match it to whatever is on your door or change it to something a little more elegant. They can be put on the interior or exterior its a very nice product line. The springs in these are extraordinarily good they are very strong. You can pull it down and let it go and it doesn't get lazy it pops right back to where it was.

The cheaper ones over time will start to droop but these won't they have double springs in the handle and a spring in the dead-latch are so it's going to spring back very nice and be there for years to come. The finish, like all of our brass, is whats called a millennium brass which is a lifetime finish on that, it won't tarnish from use or acid rain. Great finish on the lifetime millennium brass, great finish on our other products, excellent product line that is only made for locksmiths, so it's the Locksmith Dealers of America that create these. Only locksmiths can buy and sell them, you can't get it anywhere else and we want to do that to deliver the service to you and have a product that isn't going to fail you.

Whether it's handles, ball-knobs, lever handles or grip-sets these are top quality, and in this particular grade you have a grip-set where we find the most challenge is the break right in that area in the thumb-press area, the rest of the handle will look great and it's broken down in there. These have heavy duty springs in them and the thumb-press itself has superior higher grade steel and I've been putting these in for twenty to twenty-five years and we've never had a problem with them. We've replaced other a lot of other peoples, competitor hardware but not these. Again, superior finish, superior grade, superior quality in a variety of colours, the grip-set elegant handles in a variety of colours to match your decor and we even have some large ones. We can replace what you have or put something elegant on that will replace a ball-knob with a lever.

4 Min Push Button Entries - 4 min

Push Button Entry Systems

Solid quality, convenient push button entry systems for garage, office, home or business. All metal - no plastic parts, all mechanical - no batteries. You can choose from a wide variety of Locksmith grade push button entries. Some even come with key override.


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