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Cochrane Door Closer Fix, Repair & Adjust

Cochrane's Lock Surgeon has a team of mobile door closer and opener repair servicemen that are trained in a wide variety of door opener and door closer makes and models. Lock Surgeon's Cochrane mobile door closer servicemen carry a variety of common repair parts and replacement door opener and closer models on their service trucks to ensure most repairs are done on our first visit. Lock Surgeon's warehouse also stocks a variety of commonly used door operator parts that can then be quickly accessed by the service technician. Your door closer adjustment and repair is important and will be completed as quickly as possible so that the door operation is once again safe for customers and staff and your building will once again secure quickly and easily with a properly latching door closer.

Often door closers and automatic door openers fail, these units can typically be found on storefront doors, warehouse doors, public buildings, apartments, condominiums and restaurants. It's always important to ensure quality components are used to repair or replace your current door operators and that the installation is done by competent, trained servicemen so as to avoid the disappointment of poorly operating doors. Lock Surgeon's Cochrane mobile door closer and door opener service personnel can visit your commercial business, strip-mall, hospital, clinic, or residential condominium complex and review your current door operating systems. Recommendations can then be made for repairs or replacements after consultation with the maintenance management group.

Home handle deadbolt Cochrane mobile repair serviceman Phil an van.
Mobile home and business door repair for steel doors warehouse doors & glass aluminum doors.

Lock Surgeon Cochrane Mobile Service Technicians

Lock Surgeon's mobile Locksmith Service Providers in Cochrane have completed Lock Surgeon's extensive corporate training program and are apprenticed locksmiths or journeyman. All of our locksmith and door installation team work under the supervision of a journeyman locksmith and a team of well experienced door installation experts. Lock Surgeon mobile Cochrane takes on a variety of challenges including: Electric strikes, time locks, card access, fob access, restricted keys, mobile cellphone access systems and alarms.

Lock Surgeon Cochrane can come to site and meet with the customer, review the requirements of the entry system together with the customer determine the appropriate access control system to meet the demands of their organization. Whatever your door access control needs our mobile locksmiths will be able to help get things done correctly.

Cochrane and Area Door Closer & Opener Installation & Repair Service

Lock Surgeon Mobile Door Closers & Opener Repair Adjust Fix Serving Cochrane

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Cochrane Door Closer & Opener Products Presented in "Like" Groups For Easy Reference.

Door closer service and installation provided by Lock Surgeon's mobile services.

LCN 1260 Series Adjustable & 1460 Series Commercial Closers

1260 Series moderate traffic adjustable closers and 1460 series commercial and institutional closers

1260 Series moderate traffic adjustable closers & 1460 series commercial & institutional closers

1260 Series Moderate Traffic Adjustable Closers:

The 1260 series combines the best features from the previous 1070 and 1370 into a single versatile and economical cast iron closer. Dual mounting capability. Adjustable from size 1 to 5 for interior doors up to 4'6" and exterior doors up to 3'6". Closer mounts hinge side, top jamb and parallel arm on either right or left swinging doors. Aluminum powder coat finish. Cast iron cylinder. Peel and stick template.

1460 Series Commercial & Institutional Closers:

Designed for maximum versatility, the 1460 can be used for both commercial and institutional applications. This fully universal closer offeres a wide variety of options and fast and accurate installation. Adjustable from size 1 to 6 for interior 5' doors and up to 4' for exterior doors. Closer mounts hinge side, top jamb and parallel arm on either right or left swinging doors. Powder coat finish. Supplied with slim line cover.
1461RW/PA DEL TBSRT ALUM - Delayed Action: Delays closing from 120º to 70º. Delay time adjustable up to approximately 1 minute.

Lock Surgeon's mobile door closer service trucks stock the 1260 series door closer. Adjustable from 1 - 5 power, works on interior doors up to 4'-6" and exterior doors up to 3'-6". Closer mounts hinge side, top-jam and parallel arm on either right or left swing doors. Aluminium powder coat finish. This unit is a favourite to fix or replace current closers. Have one of Lock Surgeon's professional door service experts install and adjust the closer for you right on site. Excellent for apartment doors, storefront doors or warehouse door applications.

LCN 3133 Series Concealed, 4010 Series Pull Side & 4020 Series Push Side Closers

3133 series & 4010 series hinge mounting closers and 4020 series top jamb mounting closers Smoothee®

3133 series concealed door closers, 4010 series Smoothee® hinge(pull side) mounting closers & 4020 series Smoothee® top jamb (push side) mounting closers

3133 Series Concealed Door Closers:

Designed to mount in a 1-3/4" interior door. The single lever arm and roller assembly provides complete concealment and the choice of finishes and track functions meet virtually all architecural requirements. Standard 3130 series closer shipped with standard arm, standard track and wood and machine screw pack. Sized cylinders for interior doors to 3'2". Handed for right or left swinging doors. Closers to meet ADA requirements. Standard or optional custom powder coated finish. Optional plated finish on arm and fasteners. Optional SRI Primer for installations in corrosive conditions. Consult factory for installation with pivots.

4010 Series Smoothie® Hinge (Pull Side) Mounting Closers:

The best performing heavy duty closer for institutional and other high traffic applications. Adjustable from size 1 to 5 for interior doors up to 4'6" and exterior doors from size 3 to 5 up to 3'6". Closer mounts hinge side, specify left or right swing doors. All weather fluid. Peel and stick template. Cast iron cylinder meets ADA requirements. Capable of ten million cycles. Forged steel main arm. Double heat treated steel pinion. ANSI standard A156.4 Grade 1 certified. UL Listed for self-closing doors witout hold-open.

4020 Series Smoothie® Top Jamb (Push Side) Mounting Closers:

the best performing heavy duty closer for institutional and other high traffic applications. Adjustable from size 1 to 5 for interior doors to 4'6" and exterior doors to 3'6". Closer mounts jamb (push side), specify right or left swinging door. All weather fluid. Peel and stick template. Cast iron cylinder meets ADA requirements. Capable of ten million cycles. Forged steel main arm. Double heat treated steel pinion. ANSI standard A156.4 Grade 1 certified. UL and cUL listed with regular or fusible link arms for self-closing doors.

LCN 4030 Series Universal & 4040 SE Series Sentronic® Closers

4030 Series cast iron universal closer and 4040SE Series Sentronic® closers.

4030 Series cast iron universal closer & 4040SE Series Sentronic® closers

4030 Series Cast Iron Universal Closer:

A cast iron, universal closer designed specifically for doors in moderate traffic conditions. Standard new 4030 series closer is shipped with forged regular arm, metal cover and wood/self-tapping machine screw pack. Non-sized 4031 cylinder is adjustable from sizes 1 to 4 for exterior doors to 36" (914mm) and interior doors to 48" (1219mm). Closer mounts hinge side, top jamb, and parallel arm, on either right or left swinging doors. Closer meets ADA requirements. Cast iron. Forged steel main arm. Heat treated steel pinion. All weather fluid reduces seasonal adjustments. UL and cUL listed for self-closing doors without hold-open. ANSI Standard A156.4, Grade 1 certified.

4040SE Sentronic® Closers:

Provides single point hold-open for fire and smoke barrier doors. Door is held open until current interruption releases the holding mechanism and the door closes. Single lever track arm closer is specifically designed for interior doors. Available 24VDC or 120VAC. Non-sized for interior doors up to 4'0". Hold-open force is adjustable between 85º to 110º in approximately 3º increments (push side) and maximum to 95º (pull side). Momentary on/off switch board assembly for testing door release also provides over-voltage protection. Functions as a full rack and pinion closer when hold-open is not engaged or current is interrupted. Closer mounts on either push or pull side of the door. Interfaces with fire alarm systems. UL Listed for smoke barrier or labeled fire doors. cUL Listed for self-closing doors without hold-open. Tested certified under ANSI Standard A156.15. Conforms to life safety code, NFPA 101.

LCN Heavy Duty 4040XP Series & Mounting Brackets

4040XP Series Adjustable Closer.

4040XP Series Adjustable Closer

The smoothest durable heavy duty, double lever arm closer for the most demanding, high use and abuse applications. Strongest pinion at 3/4" journal diameter, widest bearing at 5/8", stronger pinion teeth, V-Shield™ seal with 20% longer life than conventional seals, 44% increased bearing load capacity. Adjustable from size 1 to 6 for interior doors up to 5' and exterior doors up to 4' using the Fast™ power adjust feature. Closer mounts hinge side, top jamb, and parallel arm. Cast iron cylinder, non-handed. Meets handicap standards for reduced opening force, capable of ten million cycles. Cast iron forged steel arm, double-heat treated steel pinion. All weather fluid and powder coat finish.

4040 Mounting Brackets:

4040 18: Required for hinge side mount where top rail is less than 3-3/4".
4040 18G: Locates top jamb mounted closer flush with top of head frame face in flush ceiling condition. Plate requires 1-3/4"minimum head frame.
4040 18PA: Required for parallel arm mounting where top rail is less than 5-1/2" measured from the stop.
4040 18TJ: Centres top jamb mounted closer vertically on head from where face is less than 3-1/2". Plate requires 1-3/4" minimum head frame.

This door closer is a favourite among Lock Surgeon's door closer repair and locksmith installation service handymen as it is heavy duty, fully adjustable and will work in all exterior applications even in high use situations. Call Lock Surgeon's mobile service dispatch centre to have one of Lock Surgeon's door closer service handymen come to your site and replace or adjust door closers as needed.

LCN 4040XP Arm Options & 4110 Series Push Side Closer

4040XP series arm options and 4110 series Smoothee® (push side) adjustable closers.

4040XP series arm options & 4110 series Smoothee® (push side) adjustable closers

4040XP Series Arm Options:

Standard (Regular) Arm: Non-handed arm mounts pull side or top jamb with shallow reveal.

Cush Arm: Optional, non-handed parallel arm features solid forged steel main arm and forearm with stop in soffit shoe.

Spring Crush Arm: Optional, non-handed parallel arm for abusive applications features solid forged steel main arm and forearm with spring loaded stop in the soffit shoe.

EDA - Extra Duty Arm: Non-handed parallel arm features forged, solid steel main and forearm for potentially abusive situations.

H - Hold Open Arm: Optional, non-handed arm mounts pull side or top jamb with shallow reveal, hold-open adjustable shoe.

Hold Open Cush: Provides hold-open function with templated stop/hold-open points. Handle controls hold-open function.

Hold Open Spring Cush: Optional non-handed parallel arm for abusive applications features forged steel main arm forearm with spring loaded stop in the soffit shoe. Handle controls hold-open function.

4110 Series Smoothie® (Push Side) Adjustable Closers:

The best performing heavy duty closer for institutional and other high-traffic applications. 4111 is adjustable from size 2 to 5 for interior 5' doors and exterior from size 3 to 5 for up to 4' doors. 4114 is for exterior doors 30-36", and interior doors 38-48". Closer mounts parallel arm, select right or left. All weather fluid reduces seasonal adjustments. Aluminum powder coat finish. Cast iron cylinder. Meets handicap standards for reduced opening force. Peel and stick template. Capable of ten million cycles. Forged steel arm. Double heat treated steel pinion.

LCN Auto Equalizer Pneumatic & Benchmark Low Energy Operators

4822 series Auto Equalizer pneumatic operator and 9130series benchmark low energy operator.

4822 series Auto Equalizer™ pneumatic operator & 9130series benchmark low energy operator

This low energy automatic operator provides easy access for people with disabilities, the elderly, or the frail. Designed primarily for manual opening applications that occasionally require automatic opening. Size 2 push side pneumatic auto equalizer. Packed with through-bolts, wood & machine screws. Ideal for multi-door applications since cost per door leaf decrease significantly as the number of door leaves increases.

Utilizes a 10,000,000 cycle heavy duty door closer. Quiet, efficient & reliable. Requires control boxes with integral compressor or control box using auxiliary air supply. No guard rails/safey mats required. Meets ADA requirements (power mode). Non-sized cylinders for interior doors to 4'6" and exterior doors to 3'6". Non-handed. UL Listed 228 and meets the provisions of ANSI Standards A117.1, A156.19, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Reveal of 4-1/2" allows up to 90º power opening and 100º manual opening. Head frame minimum 1-3/4". Top rail minimum 1-3/4".

9130 Series Benchmark Low Energy Operator:

Non-handed for either right or left swinging door. Designed primarily for automatic opening applications that occasionally require manual opening. Operator is shipped with motor gearbox, control box, mounting plate, standard arm, metal cover, standard track, wood and machine screws. On/Off switch included as standard. 36" cover is standard. Fits doors 30" to 36" width. All potentiometers clearly labeled with their functions. LED lights indicate power to control box and motor gearbox. Push'n-go permits non-switch activation.

Tested internally to over 3,000,000 cycles. Power Boost allows for increased closing force near latch position. 9-3/4" for optional long arm; reveal should not exceed 1/8" on pull installations. Head frame minimum 2". Top rail minimum 2" - flush ceiling installation requires 5-14" minimum. Opening and closing time are variable by adjustments to the electronic control module locate on the operator assembly - maximum hold open time adjustable up to approximately 30 seconds. Template shows 90º power opening and 90º manual opening.

Falcon Automatic Operator

Falcon 8200 series automatic operators.

8200 series automatic operator

Push arm door operator with Pull Arm capability (Pull Arm option requires Pull Arm Kit). Versatile and easily integrated into electrified openings with wireless accessories. Designed to fit in low to moderate traffice applications, such as assisted living, ambulatory care, hospitality, retail, restaurant and small office where ease of use is critical. Slim & sleek profile has a smaller footprint for clean lines and an attractive look. Ensures smooth, convenient door opening for areas requiring easy accessible and ADA compliance. Provides dependable performance at an affordable price point.

Aluminium powder coated steel cover. Steel aluminum finished cover makes the 8200 series aesthetically pleasing for any application. Mounting bracket contains fastening notches to reduce parts and allow for faster and easier installation. One-piece mounting bracket eliminates the need for end caps, reducing parts and installation time. Non-handed motor gearbox uses mechanical controls to act as a size 3 door closer in manual operation. Intelligent control box provides the most precise door operation and includes adjustable features for all commercial applications.

Standard Features That You Can Use To Customize Every Opening:

Smart Latch: Senses and overcomes external pressure conditions with a graduated energy assist for secure latching.

Push'n-go: Selectable feature allows door to open automatically as soon as it feels pressure.

Opeing Position Learning: Automatically sets the opening position to eliminate wall and door damage.

Obstacle Obstruction Detection: Safety feature stops and reverses door direction when distress or an obstruction is sensed.

Pre-Load strike Assist: Removes load on strike lip with a one second delay allowing the door to release and automatically open.

LED Light Illumination: Light illumination on control box signals accurate installation and helps with connection diagnostics.

On Board Power Supply (12VAC): Powers accessories and actuators, power supply may be required for a separate locking device.

Adjustable Features:

Hold-open time delay; 0-15 seconds. Backcheck position. Backcheck speed. Opening/closing speed.


Electro-hydraulic single door operation. Surface top jamb mount. Header length: 26". Reduced force. Low energy. Cycle tested - 1 million gear box. Electric strike replay included. Non-handed. Max door weight 200lbs. Stocked with Push Arm.

Lock Surgeon's mobile automatic door closer servicemen can come to your site to service, repair, fix or replace your automatic door closer.

Glynn-Johnson Door Holders & Door Stops

Glynn-Johnson Heavy duty door holders and stops.

Heavy duty door holders & stops

For heavy-duty applications. Non-handed. 900 series: Channel is surface-mounted to the door, most often with sex bolts, and the jamb bracket is surface mounted to the jamb, requiring minimal door and frame preparation. Can be used in conjunction with most surface-applied door closers. Can be mounted for openings ranging from 85º to 110º.

Hold-Open Function: Holds the door open at a predetermined position permitting an unobstructed traffic flow through the opening. Can easily be turned on or off by simply rotating the serrated knob on the bottom of the channel to engage the hold open mechanism, when flipped over it acts as a stop and shock absorber. Tension on the hold-open mechanism can be adjusted to offset air currents or other exterior conditions.

Stop Function: Provides a reliable method for shock absorbing capability. Can be used on fire doors.

Door Stop:

Kick Down Holder: Units provide an economical method to hold open doors. Cast of durable iron. Non-marring rubber shoes have corrugated bottoms to provide secure grip; rubber shoe is securely fastened with screw, shoes are easily replaced when worn. Door-to-floor clearance: 2" or less. Plate Height: 2-1/4". Plate Width: 1-7/16". Meets ANSI/BHMA 156.16, L11381.

Sargent Mullion & Door Closers

Removable mullion, 351 and 1431 series door closers.

Removable mullion, 351 & 1431 series door closers

For double door applications without existing mullion. T-Shaped: 2-1/2" x 3". Stock size: 96" long, maximum length: 102". Weight: 18lbs. Finish: Aluminum prime coat. Includes top retainer - 511 & bottom retainer - 502. Non-handed.

351 & 1431 Series Door Closers:

ANSI/BHMA A156.4 Grade 1. Conforms to UL10C and UBC for positive pressure fire test. cUL listed to Canadian safety standards listed for use on fire doors. For interior and exterior applications. High impact non-corrosive plastic covers standard. Adjustable from size 1 to 6. Complies with handicap regulations for reduced open force. Non-handed. Meets ADA requirements. All weather capabilities. Universal arm package provides brackets and arms to install closer in standard top jamb or parallel applications. MicroShield® technology: A silver-based antimicrobial coating designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

351: Case size: 13"W x 3-7/8"H. Maximum reveal: 7/16". Powerglide® line of surface door closers has been engineered to meet the demands of architects and building owners. Ideally suited for exterior doors in heavy draft and wind conditions. Rack & pinion for better control. Heavy duty one piece die cast aluminum silicon alloy body with 14% silicon provides superior strength and wear resistance.

1431: Case size: 12"W x 3-3/8"H. General purpose quality grade closer. Retrofits discounted 1230/1231 models. Constructed from a carefully selected aluminum silicon alloy to accommodate the door closer characteristics increasing the body strength and wear resistance. Key control valves offer separate regulating for door speed, latching & backcheck.

Entrematic Closed Gearbox Low Energy Automatic Handicap Operator

Handicap operator autoswing - closed gearbox and replacement parts.

Handicap door operator autoswing - closed gearbox & replacement parts

Handicap Operator Autoswing - Closed Gearbox:

Conform to UL standard 325 & ANSI/BHMA Standard A156.19 certified. Canada CSA Standard C22.2#247. Superior internal components provide the strength and durability needed for high frequency traffic. Engineered to open doors for the disabled and elderly. The one way clutch allows the door to be opened manually with incredible ease. Concealed heavy duty adjustable door stop, therefore eliminating the need for external stops. Adjustable heavy-duty spring and 1/8th horsepower motor. Can be used to operate larger, heavier doors in windy conditions. Requires only simple procedures for fast, trouble free installation.

Easily retrofitted to existing doors or new construction without major renovations. Canadian made and designed specifically for Canadian weather conditions. Operation temperature: -34ºC to 54.4ºC. Stocked header is 39" so that unit can be securely mounted to the door header in normal situations. Requires 120VAC, 60Hz, 15A. Includes caution & activation stickers, a cast iron, and closed gearbox. Low profile model available with 4"header.

Replacement Parts Available

Call to have Lock Surgeon's mobile handicap door closer service come to your commercial business, warehouse, apartment building or condominium complex. This is the go-to automatic door opener that is versatile, strong and readily available. Lock Surgeon door service repair personnel can fix, repair or replace these automatic door openers, often installed to meet handicap access requirements or just make entry in to businesses easy and comfortable. Found in storefronts, apartment entries and high-traffic door applications.

Dormakaba Door Closers

TS77 suite entrance door closer RTS88 overhead concealed door closer & 7400 series hydraulic closer.

TS77 suite entrance door closer, RTS88 overhead concealed door closer & 7400 series hydraulic surface applied rack and pinion closer

The low cost solution for suite entrance & low traffic doors. Non-handed. Quick and Easy to install. Mounts without a mounting backplate. Compact design. Inexpensive, proven reliability. Stocked in aluminum.

RTS88 Overhead Concealed Door Closer:

For wood, aluminum, or hollow metal doors. Single and double-acting non-hold-open with latch & sweep valves with pressure relief valve. Fits into a 1-3/4" x 4" header. 105º maximum opening door swing. For doors up to 250lbs with a maximum 3'-6" width exterior & 4' interior. Arm must be purchased separately - it is not included with this body only package.

8831 Side Load Arm: Requires 1/2" top rail channel depth.

8836 End Load Arm: Requires 7/8" top rail channel depth.

7400 Series Hydraulic Surface Applied Rack & Pinion Closer:

It meets 5lbs interior barrier-free applications. Non-handed for regular, top jamb and parallel arm applications. ANSI A156.4 Grade 1. UL & cUL Listed for UL10C and UBC 7.2 for positive pressure. Two noncritical adjusting valves (sweep and latch) with thermostatic properties work to provide consistent closing speeds under a wide variety of temperatures. Adjustable backcheck standard. Provides cushioning when the door is abusively opened. BP640C mounting bracket can be used when installing into a 9-1/16" template hole pattern.

Lock Surgeon's mobile door closer repair serviceman can come to your business, warehouse, apartment complex, condo complex or commercial building to fix, repair or replace door closers.


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