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Front Load Mailbox Style Depository Safes

Safes secure daily depository safes, single door or double door. The double door allows staff to have access to one area while management keeps control of all deposits. Can have a standard dial safe combination or upgrade to the convenient push-button safe combination. Ask about Lock Surgeon's delivery and installation options.

Depository Safes in Edmonton & Calgary

The ideal safe when immediate deposits and secure storage of cash or other valuables are needed.

Depository Safe Features:

Product # Width Height Depth Weight Doors Types
Exterior 13-2/5" 18-8/9" 15" 112 lbs 1 Combination /
Interior 13" 9-5/7" 12"
Exterior 15-3/4" 32-1/4" 15-3/4" 189 lbs 2 Combination /
Interior 15-3/4" 11-1/5" 13-1/2"
Front Loading 13" 7-3/4"

A variety of mailbox style depository safe sizes are on display at our Edmonton and Calgary Safe Sales and Service Centres.

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