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Today's locks are more technology advanced than ever before. Lock Surgeon has the latest equipment that is calibrated every day to ensure you get a perfect key. Our locksmiths are able to copy keys, make a new key from a broken key, and duplicate large volumes of keys. They can also make keys to file cabinets, cars, truck, boats, show cases, tool boxes and more.

1000s of keys ready to cut

For the largest variety in keys and the best in locksmith service and equipment, visit our service centre at 17812 - 118 Ave, or 5738 - 75 St. in Edmonton or our Calgary location at 2020-32 Ave. We stock a large variety of old and new keys for key cutting, key duplicating or code cut to meet your needs. Broken keys can be copied, missing keys can be made.

Visit one of our service centres or call to have a mobile service truck make keys at your home or business. Lock Surgeon is your source for key cutting and key copying in Edmonton and Calgary.

Keys Cut for thousands of locks

Spare keys copied. Access Control provided for realtors, property managers. Keys cut for home, business, cars and trucks. Key Cutting for trucks, key cutting for cars, fix broken keys, replace missing keys, spare keys made, lost keys replaced, new keys made, auto keys, home keys, business keys, access control for home business, security and key solutions for property managers realtors and homes, wieser, kwick set, sargent, yale, schalge, american padlock keys, master padlock keys, mail box keys, security keys, peterbult keys, kenworth keys, international keys, remotes for cars and trucks, motorcycle keys, quad keys, boat keys, tool box keys, file cabinets keys, desk keys, sidewinder keys, larger cut keys, keys for Honda kia Mazda Toyota Nissan Subaru Suzuki Hyndai Mitsubishi, keys for Freightliner Hino Sterling Volvo, chip keys, chip key programming, worn key correction, broken key repair, Ford keys, gm keys, chevrolet keys, dodge keys, jeep keys

We cut thousands of keys. Automotive chip keys, Truck keys, Key FOBs and remotes, Sidewinder keys and Security Keys

We cut automotive chip keys, keys for motorbikes, quads and boats. Keys for mail boxes, homes and businesses. Keys for tool boxes, file cabinets and desks. Domestic keys, foreign keys and truck keys. Keys for Ford, GM, Chevrolet, Dodge and Jeep. Keys for Honda, Kia, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Hyndai and Mitsubishi. Truck keys for Kenworth, Peterbilt, International, Freightliner, Hino, Sterling, Volvo and many more. If you need keys copied or keys made you've found the answer to your key problems. Call or visit Lock Surgeon for the best in key cutting solutions.

Keys made and locks fixed

Truck and Canopy locks, car and truck lock repair, Toolie cover keys, camper, motorhome and fifth wheel locks and keys, motorbike and boat ignition repair, American and Master padlock keys, keys for work trailers, roof racks, replacement keys for desks and file cabinets, You are invited to visit one of our conveniently located Lock Surgeon service centres - Edmonton Northwest 17812-118 Ave NW, Edmonton Southeast 5738-75 St NW, Calgary 2020-32 Ave NE

Visit one of our conveniently located service centres.

Visit one of our conveniently located service centres staffed with professional locksmiths, stocked with 1000's of keys, equipped with the latest in key cutting machines and lock repair equipment. Northwest Edmonton Location at 17812-118 Ave NW or Southeast Edmonton Location at 5738-75 St NW or our Calgary location at 2020-32 Ave NE

Key Copying and Key Cutting - 4 minute video

Key cutting and duplicating, matching keys and making keys

Here we are at one of our Lock Surgeon locations, we have a number of locations that cut keys. We're going to do a quick review and let you see what type of keys we have available, in general terms we have a very wide variety of keys.

This is our board of keys just for desks, file cabinets, cam-locks, trailer locks, padlocks, mailbox locks and a number of boat locks. Then we move over to another rack of keys that is made for motorcycles, boats, padlocks and that type of thing. We'll spin around a little bit and give you a shot of our main key board that has a huge selection of keys for commercial locks, residential locks, panic bars, master key systems and security keys. We even have the skeleton keys for old display and sewing machine boxes and that type of thing, not as common today but we do have them. Of course we have charts that allow us to reference lots of types of keys and have books and manuals that let us do that as well.

Then we get into chip keys, remote head keys and the Fobic keys, we have a number of those. We don't carry every item but we do carry a large variety of them, what we don't have, of course, we can order in quickly. We always try to carry everything that is popular so we can meet your needs quickly. Automatic key machine, this unit is used to cut our Mul-T-Lock keys, generally we put the key in and everything is done automatically by the machine, very technical, and of course makes a security key that can't be copied anywhere else.

We have our pin kits, and computers that we can referrence serial numbers for keys or vin numbers for vehicles and get the information to cut a key if you've lost a key or just to make an extra key. But we're general talking about copying keys at the moment so then we have the ITL machine that can have a code programmed in and cut the key and build master key systems and cut all those keys, it is our typical key cutter here that is for copying keys.

We build our systems so that it covers as many items as possible. We've got bulk keys here for your general common every day use of products. As you can see we've literally got hundreds of thousands of keys. This key machine is rather strong and capable and is setup so that it can cut up to 4 generations of keys and still be accurate to the original. Here we have one of our shop technicians just demonstrating how we cut a key. It's a basic operation but if not done correctly you can have a poor cut or a cut that is cut too low or too high.

The machines are calibrated regularily, the guides have to be setup properly and we have to run these through the machine properly. We're going to go from shoulder to tip, then from tip to shoulder, then back again, often cutting up to 3 times. Then we take the key and brush it on a wire wheel to take off any burrs that will interfere with that key's operation. That might seem like an easy and standard thing but it's something you will not find happening at other facilities, it's our process to make sure that happens each and every time. Thanks for joining us on this video and I hope you've learned a little bit about what we can do for you in regards to keys.

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