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Lock Surgeon Car Powered by the Plaizier Family

Plaizier Family - Lock Surgeon Race Car

2012 C/SA Champion at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. (From left) Eddy Plaizier (father), Francesca Giroux (sister), Casey Plaizier (driver), Paul Licata (crew). Casey Plaizier was the C/SA Class Champion for the 2012 NHRA Pacific Sprouts Nationals The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The Plaizier team is a family affair. They have dedicated countless hours to their sport. Years of effort, hard work and commitment has brought this team to the top of their class. Together they continue to improve their knowledge through a variety of shared experiences. Team work is the key with everyone pitching in, preparing for events as well as after events to organize, clean, tune and maintain the momentum of a winning team.

On race day you want to know that every effort has been made to bring home a trophy. The Plaiziers manage all this while enjoying time together and with their competitors. Watch for the Lock Surgeon car driven by Casey Plaizier at a raceway near you.


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