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Lock Surgeon Car Big Winner at Rocky Mountain Nationals

Casey Plaizier comes up a big winner at the 2013 Rocky Mountain Nationals held at Castrol Raceway. Each event attended and each race the Plaizier team runs, present new and changing elements. There is the car to prepare with attention paid to the tires, body shape and, of course, engine tuning and fuel mixtures. The team itself has to prepare for weeks in advance so as to be sure they have all the tools and parts to make quick fixes on the do at the track and then, most importantly, team members must be in good physical and mental condition so as to perform at their peak on race day.

A win at the track is a celebration of years of experience and preparation. The Plaizier team is a family affair that is dedicated to their sport, work and community. This team is sure to continue winning the respect of their fellow competitors and track associates for years to come.

Congratulations Casey and the Plaizier team from your friends and supporters at Lock Surgeon.


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