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Lock Surgeon Community Support

It’s ours to build and it’s ours to enjoy. Lock Surgeon would like to thank Edmonton for allowing us to be part of your community for over 24 years. It’s been our privilege to bring products and services to the doors of thousands of homes and businesses throughout the Edmonton area.

Over the years we have managed to give a little back by supporting a number of sports teams and the Crime Stoppers organization. In 2013, Lock Surgeon has the pleasure of supporting Stand Up For Love, a very worthwhile organization that makes a difference right here in our community. It is our hope that you find it worthy of your support as well.


Lock Surgeon Car Big Winner at Rocky Mountain Nationals

Casey Plaizier comes up a big winner at the 2013 Rocky Mountain Nationals held at Castrol Raceway. Each event attended and each race the Plaizier team runs, present new and changing elements. There is the car to prepare with attention paid to the tires, body shape and, of course, engine tuning and fuel mixtures. The team itself has to prepare for weeks in advance so as to be sure they have all the tools and parts to make quick fixes on the do at the track and then, most importantly, team members must be in good physical and mental condition so as to perform at their peak on race day.

A win at the track is a celebration of years of experience and preparation. The Plaizier team is a family affair that is dedicated to their sport, work and community. This team is sure to continue winning the respect of their fellow competitors and track associates for years to come.

Congratulations Casey and the Plaizier team from your friends and supporters at Lock Surgeon.


Lock Surgeon Car Powered by the Plaizier Family

Plaizier Family - Lock Surgeon Race Car

2012 C/SA Champion at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. (From left) Eddy Plaizier (father), Francesca Giroux (sister), Casey Plaizier (driver), Paul Licata (crew). Casey Plaizier was the C/SA Class Champion for the 2012 NHRA Pacific Sprouts Nationals The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The Plaizier team is a family affair. They have dedicated countless hours to their sport. Years of effort, hard work and commitment has brought this team to the top of their class. Together they continue to improve their knowledge through a variety of shared experiences. Team work is the key with everyone pitching in, preparing for events as well as after events to organize, clean, tune and maintain the momentum of a winning team.

On race day you want to know that every effort has been made to bring home a trophy. The Plaiziers manage all this while enjoying time together and with their competitors. Watch for the Lock Surgeon car driven by Casey Plaizier at a raceway near you.


Stand Up For Love


Stand Up For Love (SUFL) is an annual benefit concert that raises money for a worthwhile cause. Our fundraising events consist of dedicated performers and volunteers who share their talents and passion in support of a great cause. SUFL is designed to be much more than a fundraiser but to be the epitome of LOVE in ACTION: doing what we do best for the best of others.

Mission: To support worthwhile organizations and charities through an annual benefit concert which consists of various local talents and performers. It is our hope that SUFL will make a difference in the lives of others by encouraging members of the community to share their gifts, talents and resources for the benefit of those in need.

Last year “SUFL 2013″ raised funds in support of the Pediatric Neurosurgery Fund (PNSF). The PNSF is designed to improve the lives and outcomes of children who have undergone brain or spinal surgery at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. The fund focuses on the creation and operational support of an annual summer camp (Camp Everest) for pediatric neurosurgery patients, providing groups and educational workshops for patients and their families, and advance Pediatric Neurosurgery at the Stollery Children’s Hospital.


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