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Automatic Sliding Door and Handicap Door Repair Edmonton and Calgary

We fix automatic doors!

Same day emergency repair and installation for all makes and models of automatic sliding doors, handicap door openers and buttons. In most cases we can fix your broken door on the first visit. Need your door to never break down. We also offer planned maintenance programs.

If it's a door we can fix it.

Doors are one of the most used pieces of any business. Staff and customers use them hundreds of time a day and they must be working at all times.

We strive to provide you with same day automatic door repair throughout Alberta. Lock Surgeon services sliding doors, swing doors, handicap operators and openers plus all buttons and safety sensors that go with them. If it's Automatic door repair or automatic door opener repair in Edmonton and Calgary that you need. Lock Surgeon is ready to help.

Want fast quality service?

Our automatic door technicians look forward to helping you. They travel North America staying up to date on the newest parts, safety, buttons, and training just so they can provide you with the best solutions and parts that last.

When a automatic door opener does not work correctly people can get hurt, locked out and a open entrance can let in a lot of cold or hot air. Creating a uncomfortable environment for staff and customers. Have Lock Surgeon automatic door division ensure your motion door sensors are working correctly. Some of the new motion sensors also have the safety sensors incorporated right into them. Lock Surgeon stocks buttons for handicap opener and safety sensors for automatic doors.

Door safety

It can be funny in a cartoon but in real like its no joke. Automatic doors that are not maintained and don't have the correct safety devices can seriously hurt people.

We are aaadm certified and to ensure the highest level of training and safety. We also offer planned maintenance to keep your door working safely.

Handicap Door Buttons

Lock Surgeon offers a wide variety of stock Door Controls and handicap push button activation devices, both hard wired and wireless radio controlled. We also supply mounting boxes, timers, receivers, transmitters and a wide selection of accessories to upgrade your handicap accessible door control devices.

Add a door control button anywhere

Our Bollard Posts are available in several finishes with either surface or in-ground mounting hardware. Our posts are made of 5" or 2" square powder coated steel, either 42" or 58" in height, and come with or without activation switches. Switches can be hard wired or wireless. Bollard posts all customers to press the automatic door button from a desirable location that will keep them at a safe distance from the opening door.

Why add automatic door opener?

Automatic door openers are designed to assist the handicapped through side hinged doors. For over thirty years, Lock Surgeon has fixed automatic door openers and related door controls to help those handicapped and others who need assistance through doors. To date, many thousands of Automatic door openers have been installed throughout Alberta.

Wheelchair and scooter users are now able to open their doors to independence with ease and economy.

It's recommended that Installation, maintenance and repair of a automatic door opener unit be done by a trainer professional. We install, fix and maintain a number of brands of automatic and handicap doors openers including - Entrematic, Hunter, Stanley, Dorma, Norton, Hagar, LCN, Falcon, Sargent, Open Sesame, Detex, Dor-o-Matic and many more top automatic and handicap door brands.

Stanley automatic door

Stanley branded automatic doors, both sliding and swing door operators are a common unit installed in Edmonton and Calgary. Lock Surgeon has the parts to repairer Stanley handicap door openers and buttons. We also stock parts for Stanley automatic slifing doors and sensors. The STANLEY Magic-Force openers and the STANLEY Magic-Access low energy (knowing act) operator can automate virtually any swing door. There stanley Dura-Glide Automatic Sliding Door has one of the most innovative microprocessors and the advanced engineering to create one of the safest, most durable and dependable automatic slide door in the industry. Lock Surgeon services all models of stanley automatic doors and automatic door openers installed on handicap entrances, hotels, supermarket, hospital, retail, office building and schools. Get all your Stanley security products - staney lock, door hardware and Stanley automatic doors in Edmonton and Calgary serviced by Lock Surgeon.

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