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American Padlocks

American Padlocks is a fantastic brand for meeting several security issues. They come keyed in groups, individually or master keyed. Some can be keyed to match your house or bsuiness key, while others come in several colours for easy identification. There are options to add longer shackles that are hardened steel boron, chrome plated replacement shackles.

Coloured Padlocks

By having coloured padlocks you can designate each colour to a specific task or employee. This allows you to keep track of who has what locked up and why. These padlocks can also be stamped with a letter or numbering system, allowing you to expand your keying system.

Lock Out & Tag Out Products

These padlocks are most often used as safety lock outs or tag outs on equipment. The colour coding can make it quick and easy to find out what trade may have the equipment isolated, helping add efficiency and safety to any job site.

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